Fast Fit Review | How to Keep Your Body Strong


So let’s talk about this coronavirus, obviously, has a lot of people talking about a multitude of different things that we typically don’t talk about. Like men washing their hands. How’s that for a change? But immunity is the one thing, the immune system and prevention of sickness. Extra fat and carrying that along with you, can that be detrimental to the immune system?

Fast Fit Review | Shawn T’s Fat Loss Experience


Shawn’s Fast Fit Review started because he had hosted the Founder of Fast Fit on his show multiple times and became curious how Fast Fit might help him lose fat. Through Fast Fit Shawn was able to lose weight by losing pure fat. Shawn shares his results with fat loss, and even unexpected results with a lower metabolic age, an increase in cellular hydration, and an improvement in skin quality. This is a real fat loss experience.

What is Visceral Fat?

What is Visceral Fat Interview

There are two main types of fat in the body. We’ve got subcutaneous fat. This is the fat underneath the surface of the skin. But living deep behind the ribs on our organs is visceral fat. It’s located near several vital organs, including the heart, kidneys, and liver. Visceral fat is often called “bad fat” due to the increased health risks that come with having it. Unfortunately, this dangerous fat is not easy to spot. Even extremely healthy people with very little subcutaneous fat can be at risk for health issues because of fatty deposits on their organs.