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Fast Fit Review : Joni's Weight Loss Journey

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In today’s Fast Fit Review, we get to hear from Joni ,in her own words, about how her weight loss journey became a fat loss transformation.

“My weight loss journey began early in my life. I have always been active, dancing, playing sports, and just being on the move. I come from a military family. We lived all over the world. My parents believed that whatever you had on your plate you better eat. I told my mom later in life that was the worst thing you could have taught a child.”

Both my parents worked therefore, my brother and I were latch-key kids long before that term was coined. My brother and I were allowed to fix anything we wanted for lunch and dinner. Drinking cokes was an everyday occurrence until I discovered TAB (diet Coke).

My weight fluctuated throughout my school years. I did make the Dance Team in High School, but I lied about how much I weighed. I was very muscular. After high school, I became a barber and moved out on my own.

Before my Fast Fit Review I can remember doing a lot of “diets”.  I remember lemon-aid, cayenne pepper and pure maple syrup diet.  There were times when I would be starving for a week at a time.  I didn’t review any of the diets that followed throughout my adult years.  That included all the fad diets, egg diet, cabbage soup diet, Nutrisystem, Adkins, Sugar Buster and so many more. As I sat back thinking about this review I know that I was just wrecking my metabolism and never even understood what was happening.

In between diets, I went back to school and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  I began working in a hospital for 10 years, all-night shifts. The lifestyle of a night shift person also caused detrimental things to my body. I eventually gained so much weight I reached 240 pounds. I couldn’t stand myself. I took desperate measures and flew to Mexico for a gastric sleeve in 2012.

In reality, that’s an expensive way to starve your body. I dropped weight down to 180 pounds, but just couldn’t lose any more. I believe I sabotaged my weight loss. I had been heavy for so long I didn’t know how to handle becoming thinner.  I married my longtime boyfriend last year in June 2018. I wasn’t working, but I was eating everything. My husband and I love to snack and go out and eat. Well you may have guessed it, my weight started to climb up to 200 lbs. I am going to turn 60 years old this December and I did not want to be 200 pounds. I tried the Keto diet and actually lost weight. That wasn’t an easy accomplishment.

Fast Fit is the Solution!

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My husband knew of my weight loss struggles and he was watching a review on a local TV program called Coast Live when the owner of Fast Fit Body Sculpting appeared talking about fat loss. I was intrigued by the things he talked about. I wrote down the phone number and immediately called for an appointment. I think it was the next day I went to Chesapeake to find out what this fat loss spa was all about.

When I look back over my final weight loss journey I can say it started that day. April 4, 2019, was my first session. My consultant told me not to do Keto or any other diet.  We talked about the toxins my fat cells contain and why animal fat isn’t healthy because it contains all the toxins the animal eats. I was surprised that Fast Fit didn’t want me to diet, but instead recommended eating healthier foods. I decided that day; as crazy as it sounded, that I was going to join Fast Fit Body Sculpting and do whatever they suggested.  What the heck I had tried everything. Spending so much money over the years on books, supplements and broken promises.

To my surprise fat began to fall off me. The inches started to fade away. It was the technology they promised would work. And everyone could notice. I was nervous about getting down to a normal weight for my frame. In fact, a few of my friends said don’t lose any more weight. I asked them; why are you telling me that I am getting too skinny but didn’t say anything to me when I was approaching 200 pounds.

We get used to seeing people in our lives.  We accept things as normal especially when we see someone in our life that has always been obese.  When we finally find the key to getting healthier and lose that fat we have always dreamed of losing, people don’t know how to act or what to say.

My friends and family are happy for my weight loss success. Some of my friends have also joined my “Fast Fit” family on their own journey. They even have their own Fast Fit Reviews.

For all of us, Fast Fit Body Sculpting has changed our live. Not only did I get my body back without surgery, but I have also started a new career journey.  After this review I can confidently say that I don’t recommend any kind of surgery for weight loss, because I know that the advancement of technology has allowed me to lose pure fat without losing muscle mass or bone mass.

It is my mission to let everyone know that Fast Fit Body Sculpting is what they need to get healthier and lose pure fat.”

—Joni Jerz
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