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Weight Loss Beginnings: Pregnancy Weight

“Ever since graduating college, weight gain was a yo-yo for me.  Everything was going great and then all of a sudden the weight would start going up. My energy level was going down. It’s a constant, constant battle. After I had my son; lost all the weight, regained it back. And I thought I was doing a pretty good job of hiding it wearing different clothes, but as a teacher, when all those students are walking through my doors, it was constant. Almost every day or every other day, somebody is coming up to me asking me if there’s a baby in my belly, or when I’m gonna have a baby. And it wasn’t just my students. It was people at the grocery store, people at the park, and that was what my physique had took on and with that weight came.”

Fast Fit Review Losing Pregnancy Weight

Fast Fit Body Sculpting Technology was the Answer

So I saw a commercial while I was sweating it at the gym trying to bust the weight off. I saw commercial for Fast Fit and I thought I’d go check it out. Immediately once I saw the technology, I thought well maybe this is what I’ve been looking for. Maybe this is what I really need to do to get it going. And so I signed up, I fell in love with the whole program, not just the technology and the way it starts — just kind of jump starting your body, but great people in the company cheered me on, gave me tips, support along the way, and by the end of my time period with Fast Fit, I was rocking it. Compliments from people at work, people asking questions, how did you do that? What did you change? And all I can say is ‘Fast Fit is the way’.

Fast Fit Review of Light Technology

Nicole's Review: Lose Fat, Lose Inches, and Keep Muscle

“When you do certain weight loss programs or diets, tends to be that what you’re losing is maybe your water weight, or you’re on some kind of extreme program where you end up losing muscle and you think you’re losing weight. But the truth is that what I lost was pure fat. After finishing Fast Fit, I lost 18.7 pounds of pure fat. You could see that there was eight inches around my belly button, gone. And it’s just continued. This is my two year anniversary of finishing Fast Fit.  I’ve been able to maintain and continue that loss. I think we’re at 28 pounds of pure fat loss, still keeping the muscle, still keeping that high energy level and I’m able to maintain weight which was the battle I fought for years, the up and down yo-yo.”

Fast Fit Review with Before and After Images

Fast Fit Review: Lose Fat Increase Energy

“I love my job, love the work location and everything about it. But I always wonder what it would be like to be like one of my colleagues who rode his bike to work. When the opportunity arose for a job closer to home, I thought here’s my ticket. Paired with Fast Fit, I have more energy, I ride my bike to work. 

All my colleagues, ‘You ride from there?’ or ‘You ride that far?’

It’s really not that bad guys.   The truth is, now that I’ve shed that extra fat and I have more energy, the ride to work is exhilarating. I’m not putting in extra hours at the gym more time. I’m actually gaining time. Me and my son are able to ride a bike when I get home from work. I’m able to get that exercise to and from on the commute, which is what I’m doing anyway. So I really appreciate Fast Fit giving me the jump start, getting that energy going and now I can keep it going to and from work.”

Review Fast Fit for Energy

Fast Fit Review: Nicole Inspires Others

Peer and Physical Education Teacher, Matt: “One of the coolest things is she’s riding her bike to school a lot more and our students are noticing this and I’m seeing a lot more students riding their bike and they’re asking questions about why she’s riding her bike so much, and how she goes up all these hills. It’s pretty neat to see someone at our school bring such change to all these other kids as well.”

Inspiring Others through Fat Loss

Fast Fit Review: Through the Eyes of a Child

Nicole’s Son: “My mom, before she went to Fast Fit, she was really fat and couldn’t keep up. Then she got much more thinner. And now she’s like herself.”

Mom's fast fit journey through the eyes of her child

Nicole's Fast Fit Fat Loss Review is Not Unusual

Fast Fit has helped thousands of people achieve amazing results. Young, old, severely obese, or fit … no matter what journey a person is on … Fast Fit is here to help. Some people come to Fast Fit to Lose Fat, some come to tighten their skin, some come for more energy, some come to boost their immune system, and some come for all of the benefits combined.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting is technology based. It is not a workout system. Fast Fit is not a diet plan. Fast Fit Body Sculpting is a technology based system that works in synergy.

Fast Fit offers an Educational Consultation. Every person who signs up for a consultation gets a comprehensive body analysis. Fast Fit provides everyone with a blueprint of what’s happening on the inside of their body right now. They show every consultation how they are going to help you improve that, and Fast Fit delivers results, guaranteed.

If you are interesting in scheduling your very own Educational Consultation at Fast Fit, they are ready to help you start your journey.

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