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Last Updated November 9, 2022

What is Skin Tightening?

Want to shave off the extra skin? Did weight loss leave your skin saggy and unappealing? Do you find yourself pulling at the wrinkles on your face?

Loose, saggy, lax, or crepey skin is an inevitable process that will affect all of us as we age. However, that does not mean that we must give in and surrender to it.

In fact, we can delay or halt our skin from becoming saggy and wrinkled.


Skin Tightening Products?


There are creams and lotions that excitedly promise their ability to tighten and tone the skin, scars and wrinkles will disappear, and of course, the ideal youthful glow.

Nonetheless, these skin tightening creams and lotions unfortunately provide mildly noticeable results in comparison to what is claimed on the label.

They simply lack the ability to penetrate deep enough to have a lasting and permanent effect.

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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening


Fortunately, technology has been ever evolving and providing us with solutions. Improvements have been made to benefit our lives and one of them is skin tightening technology.

One of these skin tightening procedures is through surgery, or the physical removal of flesh to reshape the skin. While skin tightening surgery can bring about long permanent, they come along with a variety of detriments:


  • The surgery could keep you in a bed for multiple days or weeks.

May affect skin tones differently

  • Some procedures benefit certain skin tones more than others.

Can be painful

  • Scars, indentations, redness, and swelling can all be part of the experience.

The end result cannot be reversed, at least not easily.

  • For whatever reason, if you are not happy with the result or with complications after the surgery, the process cannot be undone.

Fast Fit’s Red Light Therapy Technology

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Thankfully, there are options available to us when it comes to skin tightening. Non-surgical skin tightening with Fast Fit’s Red Light Therapy is a painless and efficient way to tighten and tone your skin with zero downtime.

In addition, why settle for just tightening the skin on your face or stomach, why not your entire body?

If that doesn’t sound appealing, Fast Fit’s Red Light Therapy for skin tightening can target specific areas such as the chin, arms, thighs, back, and anywhere else.


Benefits of Using Light Therapy Skin Tightening


Additional Benefits

In addition to the skin tightening, Fast Fit Body Sculpting’s Red Light Therapy is capable of shrinking fat cells—all at the same time and at no extra cost.

Our Technology focuses on reducing visceral fat, improving your metabolism, and increasing your health. Red Light Therapy provides the body with the ability to lose that dangerous and deadly visceral fat that wraps around our organs.

In the end, weight loss is achieved by reducing visceral fat and tightening your skin in a way that will leave you feeling and looking younger and healthier.

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