Fast Fit Review | Joni’s Incredible Story

Fast Fit Review : Joni's Weight Loss Journey

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In today’s Fast Fit Review, we get to hear from Joni ,in her own words, about how her weight loss journey became a fat loss transformation.

“My weight loss journey began early in my life. I have always been active, dancing, playing sports, and just being on the move. I come from a military family. We lived all over the world. My parents believed that whatever you had on your plate you better eat. I told my mom later in life that was the worst thing you could have taught a child.”

Both my parents worked therefore, my brother and I were latch-key kids long before that term was coined. My brother and I were allowed to fix anything we wanted for lunch and dinner. Drinking cokes was an everyday occurrence until I discovered TAB (diet Coke).

My weight fluctuated throughout my school years. I did make the Dance Team in High School, but I lied about how much I weighed. I was very muscular. After high school, I became a barber and moved out on my own.

Before my Fast Fit Review I can remember doing a lot of “diets”.  I remember lemon-aid, cayenne pepper and pure maple syrup diet.  There were times when I would be starving for a week at a time.  I didn’t review any of the diets that followed throughout my adult years.  That included all the fad diets, egg diet, cabbage soup diet, Nutrisystem, Adkins, Sugar Buster and so many more. As I sat back thinking about this review I know that I was just wrecking my metabolism and never even understood what was happening.

In between diets, I went back to school and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  I began working in a hospital for 10 years, all-night shifts. The lifestyle of a night shift person also caused detrimental things to my body. I eventually gained so much weight I reached 240 pounds. I couldn’t stand myself. I took desperate measures and flew to Mexico for a gastric sleeve in 2012.

In reality, that’s an expensive way to starve your body. I dropped weight down to 180 pounds, but just couldn’t lose any more. I believe I sabotaged my weight loss. I had been heavy for so long I didn’t know how to handle becoming thinner.  I married my longtime boyfriend last year in June 2018. I wasn’t working, but I was eating everything. My husband and I love to snack and go out and eat. Well you may have guessed it, my weight started to climb up to 200 lbs. I am going to turn 60 years old this December and I did not want to be 200 pounds. I tried the Keto diet and actually lost weight. That wasn’t an easy accomplishment.

Fast Fit is the Solution!

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My husband knew of my weight loss struggles and he was watching a review on a local TV program called Coast Live when the owner of Fast Fit Body Sculpting appeared talking about fat loss. I was intrigued by the things he talked about. I wrote down the phone number and immediately called for an appointment. I think it was the next day I went to Chesapeake to find out what this fat loss spa was all about.

When I look back over my final weight loss journey I can say it started that day. April 4, 2019, was my first session. My consultant told me not to do Keto or any other diet.  We talked about the toxins my fat cells contain and why animal fat isn’t healthy because it contains all the toxins the animal eats. I was surprised that Fast Fit didn’t want me to diet, but instead recommended eating healthier foods. I decided that day; as crazy as it sounded, that I was going to join Fast Fit Body Sculpting and do whatever they suggested.  What the heck I had tried everything. Spending so much money over the years on books, supplements and broken promises.

To my surprise fat began to fall off me. The inches started to fade away. It was the technology they promised would work. And everyone could notice. I was nervous about getting down to a normal weight for my frame. In fact, a few of my friends said don’t lose any more weight. I asked them; why are you telling me that I am getting too skinny but didn’t say anything to me when I was approaching 200 pounds.

We get used to seeing people in our lives.  We accept things as normal especially when we see someone in our life that has always been obese.  When we finally find the key to getting healthier and lose that fat we have always dreamed of losing, people don’t know how to act or what to say.

My friends and family are happy for my weight loss success. Some of my friends have also joined my “Fast Fit” family on their own journey. They even have their own Fast Fit Reviews.

For all of us, Fast Fit Body Sculpting has changed our live. Not only did I get my body back without surgery, but I have also started a new career journey.  After this review I can confidently say that I don’t recommend any kind of surgery for weight loss, because I know that the advancement of technology has allowed me to lose pure fat without losing muscle mass or bone mass.

It is my mission to let everyone know that Fast Fit Body Sculpting is what they need to get healthier and lose pure fat.”

—Joni Jerz
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Fast Fit Review | Nicole P.’s Weight Loss Transformation

Weight Loss Beginnings: Pregnancy Weight

“Ever since graduating college, weight gain was a yo-yo for me.  Everything was going great and then all of a sudden the weight would start going up. My energy level was going down. It’s a constant, constant battle. After I had my son; lost all the weight, regained it back. And I thought I was doing a pretty good job of hiding it wearing different clothes, but as a teacher, when all those students are walking through my doors, it was constant. Almost every day or every other day, somebody is coming up to me asking me if there’s a baby in my belly, or when I’m gonna have a baby. And it wasn’t just my students. It was people at the grocery store, people at the park, and that was what my physique had took on and with that weight came.”

Fast Fit Review Losing Pregnancy Weight

Fast Fit Body Sculpting Technology was the Answer

So I saw a commercial while I was sweating it at the gym trying to bust the weight off. I saw commercial for Fast Fit and I thought I’d go check it out. Immediately once I saw the technology, I thought well maybe this is what I’ve been looking for. Maybe this is what I really need to do to get it going. And so I signed up, I fell in love with the whole program, not just the technology and the way it starts — just kind of jump starting your body, but great people in the company cheered me on, gave me tips, support along the way, and by the end of my time period with Fast Fit, I was rocking it. Compliments from people at work, people asking questions, how did you do that? What did you change? And all I can say is ‘Fast Fit is the way’.

Fast Fit Review of Light Technology

Nicole's Review: Lose Fat, Lose Inches, and Keep Muscle

“When you do certain weight loss programs or diets, tends to be that what you’re losing is maybe your water weight, or you’re on some kind of extreme program where you end up losing muscle and you think you’re losing weight. But the truth is that what I lost was pure fat. After finishing Fast Fit, I lost 18.7 pounds of pure fat. You could see that there was eight inches around my belly button, gone. And it’s just continued. This is my two year anniversary of finishing Fast Fit.  I’ve been able to maintain and continue that loss. I think we’re at 28 pounds of pure fat loss, still keeping the muscle, still keeping that high energy level and I’m able to maintain weight which was the battle I fought for years, the up and down yo-yo.”

Fast Fit Review with Before and After Images

Fast Fit Review: Lose Fat Increase Energy

“I love my job, love the work location and everything about it. But I always wonder what it would be like to be like one of my colleagues who rode his bike to work. When the opportunity arose for a job closer to home, I thought here’s my ticket. Paired with Fast Fit, I have more energy, I ride my bike to work. 

All my colleagues, ‘You ride from there?’ or ‘You ride that far?’

It’s really not that bad guys.   The truth is, now that I’ve shed that extra fat and I have more energy, the ride to work is exhilarating. I’m not putting in extra hours at the gym more time. I’m actually gaining time. Me and my son are able to ride a bike when I get home from work. I’m able to get that exercise to and from on the commute, which is what I’m doing anyway. So I really appreciate Fast Fit giving me the jump start, getting that energy going and now I can keep it going to and from work.”

Review Fast Fit for Energy

Fast Fit Review: Nicole Inspires Others

Peer and Physical Education Teacher, Matt: “One of the coolest things is she’s riding her bike to school a lot more and our students are noticing this and I’m seeing a lot more students riding their bike and they’re asking questions about why she’s riding her bike so much, and how she goes up all these hills. It’s pretty neat to see someone at our school bring such change to all these other kids as well.”

Inspiring Others through Fat Loss

Fast Fit Review: Through the Eyes of a Child

Nicole’s Son: “My mom, before she went to Fast Fit, she was really fat and couldn’t keep up. Then she got much more thinner. And now she’s like herself.”

Mom's fast fit journey through the eyes of her child

Nicole's Fast Fit Fat Loss Review is Not Unusual

Fast Fit has helped thousands of people achieve amazing results. Young, old, severely obese, or fit … no matter what journey a person is on … Fast Fit is here to help. Some people come to Fast Fit to Lose Fat, some come to tighten their skin, some come for more energy, some come to boost their immune system, and some come for all of the benefits combined.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting is technology based. It is not a workout system. Fast Fit is not a diet plan. Fast Fit Body Sculpting is a technology based system that works in synergy.

Fast Fit offers an Educational Consultation. Every person who signs up for a consultation gets a comprehensive body analysis. Fast Fit provides everyone with a blueprint of what’s happening on the inside of their body right now. They show every consultation how they are going to help you improve that, and Fast Fit delivers results, guaranteed.

If you are interesting in scheduling your very own Educational Consultation at Fast Fit, they are ready to help you start your journey.

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Fast Fit Review | Patricia’s Fat Loss Success

I found Fast Fit Pooler, Georgia nearing my 50th birthday, after struggling with my weight for many years, just as my frustrations had reached a boiling point! I tried every dieting and exercise program I could find, tried them all! Nothing was working.


One lucky night I happened to see a really great Fast Fit review and said: What the heck? What’s one more? I was thinking this isn’t going to do anything. But after only three visits, I lost six pounds.  I was like, well, lucky start.  Because most diets get similar results.


I always get a quick few pounds down then… nothing.  This was different, the Fat just started melting off! I am thrilled to say I am now down 76 pounds and 6 pant sizes!  I am feeling amazing and finally have the energy to my live life! I cannot thank the Fast Fit team enough! And it all started with seeing a positive review

Patricia's Fast Fit Review: The Experience

fast fit pooler Georgia location

Call To Book

Patricia started Fast Fit’s program as a skeptic and is now a believer, and huge success story! She saw another amazing Fast Fit Review at the age of 50 and before her 51st birthday she was down 76 pounds!


Our clients do a series of brief sessions once or twice a week until their goals are achieved. You’ll relax in a comfortable position while a certified technician targets the technology on your stubborn area(s). Then lay back and relax.


Losing fat is not just about diet and exercise. It is about toxins, caffeine, stress, poor sleep, pain, overeating, under eating, wrong kind of exercise, wrong kind of diet and other lifestyle factors. People can eat less and exercise more, and still not lose weight. Frustrating, right?


That is where Fast Fit Body Sculpting comes in—helping people who have tried, and tried but just cannot seem to produce results. Fast Fit helps anyone produce results with our technology and a few simple lifestyle changes. This is very doable by anyone of any age!


Some people can do all of the right things, while mostly healthy and fit and still have that one stubborn problem area. That’s where the technology from Fast Fit can spot reduce.

Fast Fit Red Light Technology is the Solution

Fast Fit Review of Light Technology

We use technology every day, so we believe it also makes sense that we can use technology to Get Your Body Back?


Fast Fit uses safe, painless, and completely non-invasive LED light technology that targets troubled areas of the body and safely shrinks fat.


Our clients are both men and women. They have found hard to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulge, saddlebags, underarms, inner thighs and more – are significantly reduced within a matter of weeks without breaking a sweat in a comfortable spa-like setting! We call it Surgical Results Without Surgery!


Clients can optimize their results through simple nutrition changes and physical activity after their session, we suggest a brisk 30-minute walk after your session.


Fast Fit Review | SFC Kevin C Thoughts on His Fast Fit Experience

Kevin Reviews Fast Fit!



Are you already thinking about your New Year’s resolution? I always say I’m going to lose some of those extra fat, but guys this year can be the year you actually do it. I’ve got Fast Fit Body Sculpting here to tell you how. With them for today’s Fast Fit Review they brought along all the way from Savannah Georgia, Sergeant First Class, Kevin Cervantes. He’s one of the many success stories. Guys, thank you so much for joining us, tell me what Fast Fit technology is. Does it really target that stubborn fat?

Fast Fit:

Absolutely! If you feel stuck in your goals and you’re saying this is the year that I’m going to change my shape, lose those inches, and I’m so tired of the fab diets and yo-yo exercise plans. Then you need to come to Fast Fit Body Sculpting where we guarantee that you will have results with our technology.


That’s a strong word. You ‘guarantee’ it. I mean, it’s so funny when you look at this (five pounds of fat blob), you think: Wow, that’s a lot.

Fast Fit:

Yes, loosing just five pounds is very significant because it’s pure fat. It’s not going to be muscle or water that’s going to come back.


And Kevin, we mentioned you’ve lost 41 pounds, my goodness. How has that changed your life? Because he’s currently still serving in the military. Thank you so much sir.


Thank you. It changed my life. That’s why I wanted to give my own Fast Fit Review.  My confidence levels have built up. My size in uniform, I went from a large to a small. So it’s amazing!


I mean you think like: Oh he’s in the army or he’s serving in the military, he’s very fit. But sometimes it’s that visceral fat underneath your muscle. So how did it change for you? How did your body feel different?


It felt vastly different because I was able to perform effectively on the physical aspects of my job, which is a huge part of what I do. I am better in shape, running, jumping, swimming, clothes fit better. My whole life has changed! For the first time in, I don’t know how many years, I am really living!


Were you trying to lose weight before and what have you had done before?


I tried everything before. Being in the military you have to have a fit physical appearance, and Fast Fit, I guess gave me that extra boost, what I needed to be better and be better!


That’s amazing. And you said he hasn’t even used the technology in nine months and he still continues to lose the weight. That’s amazing.

Fast Fit:

Yeah, he has actually been deployed in South Korea for the last nine months and to be able to continue to maintain is a testament to the technology! This is one of the key features we talk to our clients about. This works great for men and women and we basically reset your metabolism and get you unstuck.


You just lay there.

Fast Fit:

Yeah, you just lay there for 15 minutes. Your body will immediately get into the fat burning mode that would normally take 25 minutes to even start on an elliptical or at the gym. Through this we are able to target that stubborn fat with our technology and so you really can’t fight technology, that’s the thing.


Anywhere the light hits, I know that’s where it is. Getting rid of the fat, but also skin tightening. You have a little fin that goes over your face. That’s what I’m talking about.

Fast Fit:

It’s so exciting. So not only that, you will see a reduction in the size of your fat cells in your body and get your inches back, you’re also going to see a tightening, toning and firming of the skin, which can work on your face, your arms, your stomach, your legs, your knees, your ankles, wherever you want to see a tightening of the skin, that can happen.  Join us and share your own Fast Fit Review!

Fast Fit Review | Donny Osmond Loves Fast Fit


Guaranteed Success with Fast Fit

weight loss and fat loss fast fit body sculpting review

DONNY:  You know, a lot of people are struggle with unwanted pounds. There is a lot of options out there but how do you know which one is effective, and especially which one is healthy? Our next guest says there is no reason to go to extremes like going under the knife to lose fat; that is just dangerous. Just listen to this Fast Fit review.

JJ:  Joining us now to explain is Fast Fit Body Sculpting along with Their client, Vera.

FAST FIT:   Yes, she is here all the way from Savannah, Georgia.

JJ:  And you have locations on the East Coast and here in Vegas, Correct?

FAST FIT:  Yes, we have several locations on the East Coast as well as here in Las Vegas.

DONNY:  There are a lot of plans out there to lose weight. What makes yours so unique, effective and safe?

FAST FIT:  Yes. So there are tons of options and so many people that come through our doors and say, I have tried every diet, I have tried every exercise program, I am stuck, and need help.

DONNY:  We hear it all the time.

FAST FIT:  We are the key that unlocks that door. And every person that comes in, get’s a guarantee that they will have results and their body will change.

DONNY:  Oh, ‘Guarantee’?

FAST FIT:  Absolutely, I sign a contract with you! We guarantee that you will have results in your first six weeks, come in two times a week and your body will absolutely change. We guarantee you lose at least three to nine inches, but our average is over 12 inches across the body for our clients!

DONNY:  You are kidding me!

FAST FIT:  I know, but it is really that good! We have the science, the testimonials, and the before and afters photos to prove it! It is LED and infrared technology that is head to toe fat loss. So, you lay down and wherever that light is shining, you will then see a reduction in your fat cells. It is safe. It is pain free. And you are going to see your body change!

Fast Fit Review: Vera's Fat Loss Transformation

fast fit review donny loves fast fit vera before and after

FAST FIT:   Vera saw amazing changes also in improving her skin tone. So we have some pictures to show. But, before giving your review, tell us what you tried before fast fit?


VERA:  Yeah, I have done it all, everything even at this age. And I was mostly trying to tighten and tone  my skin. FYI dieting and exercise just can’t fix that at my age.

But I lost five pounds of pure fat and I gained three pounds of muscles, two pounds of hydration. So I basically weigh the same but my body was transformed!


FAST FIT:  Look at her, transformation!


DONNY:  What! Oh, come on! What is time span between those?


FAST FIT:   88 days, Vera?


VERA:  Yes, 88 days!


DONNY:   No.


VERA:  Yes.


FAST FIT:  Look at that. Look right there. Her body now looks like she is 25, but she just turned 50.


DONNY:  You are kidding me!


JJ:  That’s a great review but, how was your experience at Fast Fit?


VERA:   That is why I really came. I was humiliated about how my skin lacks elasticity. And so you see the improvement there, it has just been amazing really! and the experience was equally amazing, I have made life long friends, the spa like environment is so refreshing as well! 


DONNY:  Amazing.



FAST FIT:  This is possible because of the LED and infrared, it helps fight inflammation but also can help rebuild elasticity in the skin. So you are not only reducing your fat cells in a safe and pain free-way, and we expect your results to be long lasting if not permanent. But you are also going to see your body tighten, tone and firm. So as you are losing if you have a big tummy, it will start to tighten the skin as well! 

Fast Fit Review: The Technology


DONNY:  So with this technology, you basically get your body to a point where you don’t have to warm up for like 10, 20 minutes or something before you start losing weight?


FAST FIT:  Exactly, yes.


DONNY:  So that is the technology.


FAST FIT:  Yes. Our technology gets you into fat burning mode. But it is also targeted. So when you go to the gym and you have to get into that fat burning mode for your first 25 minutes, like on an elliptical or similar.


DONNY:  Based on what I’ve seen in reviews that’s not a popular part of Exercise.


FAST FIT:  Yeah. That is no fun. Yes, the reviews say it all! But you also cannot target where you are going to lose the fat from. Normally when we lose weight, we lose it usually from our face, our breast, and our butt first. And for men, it is often arms and legs and also in their face. But with us, you are going to have targeted fat loss. But you can also see an improvement in not just losing pure fat, like Vera had amazing result. She lost five pounds of pure fat in just a matter of weeks.


JJ:  This is five pounds of fat!


DONNY:   What!!


JJ:  This came out of you?


FAST FIT:  Yes, mainly from the mid-section!

before and after fast fit cheryl


what is visceral fat

DONNY:  Now there is something about — it’s called visceral fat. You target that. Explain what visceral fat is.



FAST FIT:  Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that is underneath your rib cage and around your organs. And you do not want to have visceral fat. You want to have the lowest numbers possible. And all of our clients are seeing their visceral fat change as well. Visceral fat is what leads to cancer, type two diabetes, stroke, heart attack, depression. You don’t want to have visceral fat. And so we work with our clients, we help them understand that it is not just the subcutaneous fat, the fat you can grab. But our technology is the only technology that can help get rid of the visceral fat as well. So that helps put years back on your life.



DONNY:  So once you use the LEDs and the — what was the other one?



FAST FIT:  Infrared, it’s all in one.



DONNY:  Infrared, then you can work out?



FAST FIT:  Yeah, that is when we say, go for a brisk walk. That’s all you have to do is just give me a minimum 30-minute walk, because what is coming out of your fat cells needs to be burned off as energy. You don’t have to do anything extreme to see your body change. We have been doing this now for three plus years. We have multiple locations across the country and we have helped people that have just said, I am so stuck!



VERA:  It literally sculpted my body and made me look like I had done sit ups. And honestly, I look better now than I looked when I was 20. Like, I really didn’t have that shape at that age. So it has been amazing.



DONNY:  Amazing.




FAST FIT:  You always have a chance to reinvent your body.



VERA:   Who would have ever thought as you got older, that you could be your best, and I mean, health-wise as well.



FAST FIT:     We have clients in their 70s, 80s, 90s, because you just might be halthy.



DONNY:        No way! That’s fantastic.


FAST FIT:   With Fast Fit you always have a chance to reinvent your body.


Fast Fit Review | How to Keep Your Body Strong


How-to: Boost Your Immune Health

SHAWN: Right now in our country the Hot Topic is Immune System health and how to boost it! Today we are talking about just that with Doug Zucco from Fast Fit Body Sculpting, Las Vegas . It’s great to have you again, Doug. How are you my friend?


DOUG: I am fantastic. Great to see you both!


SHAWN: Hey, great to see you. So let’s talk about this coronavirus, obviously, has a lot of people talking about a multitude of different things that we typically don’t talk about. Like men washing their hands. How’s that for a change? But immunity is the one thing, the immune system and prevention of sickness. Extra fat and carrying that along with you, can that be detrimental to the immune system?


DOUG: Yes absolutely, and what people need to realize is the more fat you have just means the more toxicity you have in your body, so the more poison you’re actually carrying around. In short, the more toxic we become, the less effective our immune system can be.


SUZANNE:  Now let’s talk a little bit more about this.  After suffering a heart attack yourself, you’ve spent years researching your own health and realized that you needed to lose weight, especially in your mid-section. You’ve spent years researching not only immunity, but fat loss and the connection between the two. So give us a little more wisdom on immunity and how we can boost ours.


DOUG: Well, that’s a great question because people are calling me all the time, “What can I do right now?” Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to boost our immunity in a day or two or even a week or month. We need some time. And it usually takes about 90 days. In 90 days, you could make a big difference in your body as far as getting rid of the extra poison we have in our body, helping the liver detoxify itself, improving our digestive tract. And that’s very important because your digestive tract is basically where 70% of your immune system is. when you get those three things in order, now the body is just stronger and able to overcome things that it normally wouldn’t be able to overcome.


SHAWN: How would someone go about checking their immune system to see if it needs work? Is there a way to tell if it is actually down?


DOUG: Well, that’s a really good question because here’s the problem with people that have gone through cancer and chemotherapy, they don’t get cold. And this means their immune system is so bad that it doesn’t even respond to things, which is horrible.


So the liver detoxification is so important and our liver doesn’t show signs of distress until it’s 90% gone; 90% fatty. So when our liver becomes 90% fatty and gets clogged up, that’s when it starts showing sign of distress. So it is really scary when you start seeing symptoms of reduced function. just like your car, you wouldn’t go years without changing the oil. You wouldn’t go years without changing the oil filter.

We have to maintain our body and it’s natural filtration system. That really just comes down to detoxifying it and getting rid of that poison that we’ve stored up over the years.

Fast Fit Reviews: The two Extremes

Fat Loss and boosting immunity before and after

SUZANNE: So Doug, we know you’ve had tremendous success with people all over the Valley helping them slim their bodies, including my Co-Host on this call right now. But you also wanted to talk about a few clients named Vieira and Frank who you’d like to show off.


DOUG:  Yeah, absolutely. Because this is two different extremes, right? Basically, Frank, he’s down 45 pounds of pure fat. Not just 45 pounds of body weight, but 45 pounds of pure fat, and it’s amazing. That doesn’t happen in real life. And he did the most of this within 90 days, just totally changed his body with just a few lifestyle changes and coming to Fast Fit. It’s amazing, the less poison we carry around, the better we look. The better we look on the inside, the better we look on the outside.


SHAWN: No question

fast fit review vera visceral fat

DOUG: And then we’ll go to the other extreme with a lady by the name of Vera. She had five pounds of pure fat loss; just five pounds. That is a football of fat loss.

look at the difference in her skin! Skin’s much thicker and more youthful looking, much more tone. All that cellulite sort of disappeared. Looks amazing with just five pounds of pure fat!


SHAWN: Really is incredible work that you are doing. I lost 15 pounds of pure fat and I felt like I was on top of the world, but Frank is doing 45. Just, wow! That is impressive. Tell us, obviously, right now, you’re in a holding pattern and waiting for things to reopen and once you do, Fast Fit is going to be ready to go and you’re going to have a lot of other people ready to go with an amazing Fast Fit special offer.


DOUG: Yes we do. And this is a wake up call to everyone about our health. Too many times we don’t care enough about our health, we just want to look better. But it goes hand in hand. To look your best on the outside, you have to look your best on the inside and that is why Fast Fit is the answer. Call in today, mention the Morning Blend, and we’re going to give you an offer that’s too good to pass up. I mean, it’s amazing. You don’t want to miss this!

Fast Fit Review | Shawn T’s Fat Loss Experience


Fast Fit Review - Shawn T's Fat Loss Experience

Shawn Reviews Fast Fit Technology with Founder

Shawn’s Fast Fit Review started because he had hosted the Founder of Fast Fit on his show multiple times and became curious how Fast Fit might help him lose fat. Shawn’s Fast Fit review shows how he was able to lose weight by losing pure fat. Shawn shares his results with fat loss, and even unexpected results with a lower metabolic age, an increase in cellular hydration, and an improvement in skin quality. This is a real fat loss experience.


On a fairly regular basis now, ever since I started Fast Fit,  I have viewers messaging me saying: Hey, is that Fast Fit thing for real? I thought that was baloney but then I saw how much weight you’ve lost in your face now and I don’t know what to think anymore.”


Well Shawn, you’re right. For as many Fast Fit Reviews as we have, and as many before and afters that have been shared out on social media, for some people this is just such a new concept that it takes time to understand. And that’s ok, we’re happy to help.


There is so much more to LED lights than what we talk about. I just came back from a medical seminar and they’re actually using lights in medicine in many, many countries around the world. It’s amazing what it does for the body, but for what it does for fat loss is super amazing. The lights help the body regain health on the inside first. We look good on the inside; we look good on the outside. It’s as easy as that. So fat loss is actually a side effect, or just a fringe benefit of the power of the lights.

fast fit body sculpting weight loss review shawn

Review of Body Analysis at Fast Fit


I’ve been coming to Fast Fit for a little while now. Every couple of weeks you go in, you take measurements on a full body composition analyzer. This isn’t something you made. This is an independent thing that’s needed, you go on it, it measures your body fat, it measures your water intake and visceral fat and other things. Tell us about the fat loss technology and exactly how I’m doing. How am I doing?


Review of Results at Fast Fit


Well, you’re killing it, man. I mean, it’s been two weeks since we took a measurement, right?




But you’re down just short of 15 pounds of pure fat loss.



I think about at least five pounds of fat loss came from right here (points to belly fat). I occasionally look at old videos and I see myself, I look like Jabba!  So that’s just the subcutaneous fat. That’s the stuff you can pinch. But there’s the visceral fat behind that.


Well, absolutely. 15 pounds was a combination of both of those because your visceral fat dropped. The visceral fat is the fat behind your abdominal wall. It’s your dangerous fat. Yours dropped by 25%.Your overall body fat percentage has dropped 5%.

When you came into Fast Fit, your metabolic age was so high that it was off the chart, we couldn’t even measure it.


Yeah, I think the way that body composition analysis works is, if your metabolic age is more than 15 years older than your chronological age it will max out at that point, because anything more than 15 years becomes inaccurate. So I’m 35 years old, and I was stuck at 50 years of metabolic age for a while. After a couple weeks my metabolic age began to drop. and now I’m down to 42 years metabolic age. So, my metabolic age is almost down to my chronological age!


Well, you’re at least eight years younger, that’s what we can measure. But my gut feeling tells me you’re 15 or 20 years younger metabolically, since your true starting metabolic age was probably much higher than 50. 

fast fit review hydration weightloss

And here’s a really cool thing – your hydration. We talked about hydration, right. And we just think about water when we think of hydration, but a majority of blood is water. So when someone has a low hydration reading, it means they are not getting enough blood to the cell. Now, when you increase blood flow to the cell, we’re getting more hydration, more nutrition, and more oxygen. So life happens. Basically what we suffer from when we don’t get enough blood is a lack of oxygen in the cell, which results in hypoxia. 


Now, you’re really getting up there in the optimal range of hydration. When you had poor hydration, it really just meant that your cells were not healthy enough to receive enough blood.


So it’s worth noting by the way, I am not wearing any makeup right now.




I usually wear a ton, I have a lot of dry skin here. And I haven’t had a lot of dry skin issues since I started Fast Fit which—and I know that sounds again, ridiculous I know as the viewer you’re like, what the heck? JJ would pick little skin flakes off my face constantly and it’s not the case anymore which is—is this an unusual result though? Is this kind of like a weird—


Because think about this, right? Our cells, as we age become less permeable, especially when we have fat. So when the cell becomes more permeable, that means we get more blood to the cell, more hydration, more nutrition, more oxygen, more life. We lose that dry skin and also it builds collagen in the skin. So it makes the skin fuller and plumper and younger.

Why Choose Fast Fit?

fast fit logo

I answer a lot of questions about Fast Fit everyday, but my most frequently asked question is:

 “Why should I come to Fast Fit?

The answers might surprise you…

image lose fat not weight

Most of us want to lose weight. We want to lose fat. Everyone has a different body type. Some of us are very much overweight, some of us are underweight, but almost all of us have pockets of fat that we cannot lose. So no matter what that is, no matter if you’re wearing fat all over your body or just in certain parts of your body, it is all about fat loss and not as much about weight loss. Yes, fat has weight, it goes hand in hand, but it’s more about shrinking the stubborn fat and improving muscle mass. Now, wait a second, I just say muscle mass. I’m not talking about getting a bodybuilder physique, but what I’m talking about is as we age, the best insurance policy we could have for our health is increased muscle mass and increased bone mass.

Muscle mass and bone mass protects us, so we want to maintain or increase both. The more muscle we have actually, the faster the metabolism we have. So people come to Fast Fit initially to look better, but what they don’t understand is their health and their looks go hand in hand. To look your best on the outside you must look your best on the inside.

Why Fast Fit? | Lose "Dangerous" Fat

A quick education before I move on. There are two major types of fat in the body; visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is the fat you can’t pinch that lives beneath your abdominal wall and behind your rib cage . Subcutaneous fat is the fat that’s under the skin that you can grab a hold of or pinch. While this is the obvious fat most of us are familiar with, Visceral fat is the kind we don’t even realize we have. We blame the health or shape we have on a large liver, or maybe some deformity we have in our midsection. It is fat. Visceral fat causes us to lose our shape, and to get that bulging midsection.

Beyond just losing our shape, visceral fat starts destroying our health. It starts producing a lot of inflammation and it actually works as an organ that attacks our body. When we have increased inflammation, we have increased estrogen, specifically the worst type of estrogen production. So, it basically poisons our body on a day-to-day basis.

I know there’s a lot of frustration! Most people go day-in and day-out thinking, “I’ve done the right things, I’ve done everything possible, I’ve tried a million things.”

It’s very common for me to talk to clients that tell me that they’ve tried 20 or 30 different programs in the past, whether it’s a diet or exercise program.

Visceral Fat in the body

Let’s briefly discuss diets. Eating healthy is great for you, it’s great for your health. A diet doesn’t have to be calorie restriction. It doesn’t have to be starvation. A diet under my definition is what you eat….or in other words, what you eat is ‘your diet’.  Looking at it this way makes ‘dieting’ and ‘healthy eating’ very simple! 

I always try to talk about the “two shot swing”. Let’s take away one food that’s very harmful to our body add something that is great for our body. Just by doing this one thing you have a healthier diet.  Simply getting rid of one thing and adding one thing, or maybe even modifying your favorite dish can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. It’s baby steps.  

img energy

I know another frustration I hear from people is, “well I don’t have the energy. I don’t even have the energy to get up in the morning. I don’t have the energy to walk around the house. I have no energy.” I understand completely! And there’s a reason we don’t have energy. It has a little to do with our metabolism, but it has more to do with cellular hydration.

Cellular Hydration

Cellular hydration is basically the blood flow to the cells in your body. So every cell in your body depends on blood. Blood carries, hydration, nutrition, and oxygen. If we get those three things, magic happens and we have energy. But what happens is our cells become less permeable. As we age, as we sit around more, our blood flow decreases. So we normally get the blood flow to the cells, but the cells don’t even accept what little blood flow that we offer. So at Fast Fit, we want you to look your best on the outside, but also on your inside because that’s the only way you’re going to get permanent results.

Why Fast Fit? | Change Your Life

We think of Fast Fit as a bridge. We’re a bridge for that person that sees their shape or health improvement to be impossible. They don’t have the energy to do anything, and maybe even given up hope.

In just two weeks at Fast Fit you’re going to feel that energy. You’re going to have increased blood flow. You’re going to feel it in just two weeks and now you’re going to have the energy to do a few things. And when you do a few things and improve your diet a little bit, you’re going to improve your health

Why Fast Fit? | Improve Your Health

Your health right now is more important than ever because you need your immune system to be at its optimum. You know our health and immune systems go hand in hand. So if you want to boost your immune system, let’s get our body looking good from the inside out. And that’s exactly what we do at Fast Fit. We use technology and are technology based. We are not a workout system. We are not on a diet plan. We are a technology based system that works with the synergistic effect of combining technology, healthy eating, and a little bit of exercise.

Free Educational Consultation

Come on in for a free educational consultation! We’re going to educate you when you come in. We’re gonna show you a comprehensive body analysis of yourself. We’re going to give you the blueprint of what’s happening on the inside of your body right now. We’re going to show you how we can help you improve that, and we’re going to get you those results that you want. We guarantee it. To schedule your free educational consultation

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Fast Fit Review | Meet the Fenstermakers

A Couple's Weight Loss Journey

Before giving a Fast Fit Review, the Fenstermakers had tried numerous weight loss options. Despite many attempts at regaining their bodies and their shape, they were let down over-and-over.  Their  search for a successful weight loss program ended when they decided to try Fast Fit Body Sculpting. This is the personal review from Ron and Melissa Fenstermaker’s perspective.


Ron's Review of Fast Fit

In August of 2018 I decided that my lovely bride needed something more structured to get control of her health.  I was 64 and she was 52 at the time.  I had seen the Fast Fit Hilton Head, SC ads in the paper, but thought they were probably just another gimmick diet plan.  However, what the heck, we had tried all of the rest why not one more.  So, I scheduled an appointment to meet with the Fast Fit folks.

The first thing that struck me was how positive and exuberant all of the staff were.  As a business man I know that this atmosphere permeates from the top down.  So now they have my interest.  We went through the startup drill and in support of my wife I decided that we would do it together.  Having been a wrestling coach, weightlifter and fitness buff all of my life I really did not realize that I was so out of shape and frankly just plain fat!

Doing it together has been awesome.  We have friendly competitions and truly enjoy going to what we call “the Fast Fit spa”.  We also push each other to walk daily and do the vibration platform (I bought one for my house).

For me personally Fast Fit has honestly changed my entire life.  I feel better, I look better, my attitude is better, my life is just plain better!!

Melissa's Review of Fast Fit

When I turned 50, I thought my days of looking good were in the past.  I believed menopause was going to be my downfall and that I was just going to keep getting fatter and fatter.  My heritage is Italian, and I come from a long line of round Italian ladies…  Then my husband bought us (me) a Fast Fit package and we did it together.  We liked the program so much, my husband bought us a vibration platform for our home, we use it every day!!!!


After our first package, we re-upped our commitment because we were seeing fantastic results, but we wanted more.  It honestly IS a commitment, but not a horrible one. Going to the gym is horrible!!!


Flash forward a year, many trips and much time away from doing our regular sessions.  Believe it or not, combined, we have lost over 50 pounds of visceral fat and are looking forward to being our lowest weight in 20 years!


The most incredible thing is that we are not strict with our diet; yes, we watch what we eat; we eat more fresh, non-processed food on a regular basis.  On occasion, we are not angels, we have pizza.  Could we lose more weight? YES, but then it would be too much like a diet.  Anyone can do this!  All you need to do is eat fresh, unprocessed food, walk at least 4 times a week, keep your appointments at fast fit and enjoy wearing smaller clothes!


The thing that is most amazing is Doug and his staff.  They are incredible!  If it weren’t for them, I don’t think this would work!  They are knowledgeable and encouraging.  They make us feel like family and that nothing is unattainable.  Our appointments are always the first of the day, so it is great to see a smiling face when we arrive.  And they are never judgmental when you fill out the blue form or hand in your food journal!  I honestly look forward to treatment days.  Even the other clients that I talk to when I’m there are enthused and dedicated. 


Finally, I have learned that I can crack that genetic, Italian, hurdle.  If I can do THAT, anyone can achieve their personal goals. Fast Fit is the most amazing way I have ever lost weight and enjoyed it, seriously enjoyed it!  I never thought I’d say that about a weight loss program!


Weight Loss Results

In final review of the results, here are the latest success stats from the Fenstermaker’s journey at Fast Fit!


Ron’s Fast Fit Stats Reviewed:

  • Down 54.2 Pounds of Pure Fat
  • Down 42% of his Dangerous Visceral Fat

Melissa’s Fast Fit Stats Reviewed:

  • Down 24.4 Pounds of Pure Fat
  • Down 20% of her Dangerous Visceral Fat

Ron and Melissa Review Life after Fast Fit

Since finishing the Fast Fit program, Ron and Melissa’s life it totally different. They stated that they had the energy and physique to travel to their vacation home more often.


Are you Reviewing Options? Try Fast Fit!

Fast Fit Body Sculpting appreciates you taking the time to look at this amazing review! 


If you are interested in achieving the same success as the Fenstermaker’s, you’re in luck. Fast Fit offers a free educational consultation, during which you will get a chance to review the technology, you will get a body composition analysis for free from Fast Fit, and you will get a tailored plan made custom around your personal goals. 


To get started you can simply click below and we would love to speak with you!