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Guaranteed Success with Fast Fit

DONNY:  You know, a lot of people are struggle with unwanted pounds. There is a lot of options out there but how do you know which one is effective, and especially which one is healthy? Our next guest says there is no reason to go to extremes like going under the knife to lose fat; that is just dangerous. Just listen to this Fast Fit review.

JJ:  Joining us now to explain is Fast Fit Body Sculpting along with Their client, Vera.

FAST FIT:   Yes, she is here all the way from Savannah, Georgia.

JJ:  And you have locations on the East Coast and here in Vegas, Correct?

FAST FIT:  Yes, we have several locations on the East Coast as well as here in Las Vegas.

DONNY:  There are a lot of plans out there to lose weight. What makes yours so unique, effective and safe?

FAST FIT:  Yes. So there are tons of options and so many people that come through our doors and say, I have tried every diet, I have tried every exercise program, I am stuck, and need help.

DONNY:  We hear it all the time.

FAST FIT:  We are the key that unlocks that door. And every person that comes in, get’s a guarantee that they will have results and their body will change.

DONNY:  Oh, ‘Guarantee’?

FAST FIT:  Absolutely, I sign a contract with you! We guarantee that you will have results in your first six weeks, come in two times a week and your body will absolutely change. We guarantee you lose at least three to nine inches, but our average is over 12 inches across the body for our clients!

DONNY:  You are kidding me!

FAST FIT:  I know, but it is really that good! We have the science, the testimonials, and the before and afters photos to prove it! It is LED and infrared technology that is head to toe fat loss. So, you lay down and wherever that light is shining, you will then see a reduction in your fat cells. It is safe. It is pain free. And you are going to see your body change!

Fast Fit Review: Vera's Fat Loss Transformation

fast fit review donny loves fast fit vera before and after

FAST FIT:   Vera saw amazing changes also in improving her skin tone. So we have some pictures to show. But, before giving your review, tell us what you tried before fast fit?


VERA:  Yeah, I have done it all, everything even at this age. And I was mostly trying to tighten and tone  my skin. FYI dieting and exercise just can’t fix that at my age.

But I lost five pounds of pure fat and I gained three pounds of muscles, two pounds of hydration. So I basically weigh the same but my body was transformed!


FAST FIT:  Look at her, transformation!


DONNY:  What! Oh, come on! What is time span between those?


FAST FIT:   88 days, Vera?


VERA:  Yes, 88 days!


DONNY:   No.


VERA:  Yes.


FAST FIT:  Look at that. Look right there. Her body now looks like she is 25, but she just turned 50.


DONNY:  You are kidding me!


JJ:  That’s a great review but, how was your experience at Fast Fit?


VERA:   That is why I really came. I was humiliated about how my skin lacks elasticity. And so you see the improvement there, it has just been amazing really! and the experience was equally amazing, I have made life long friends, the spa like environment is so refreshing as well! 


DONNY:  Amazing.



FAST FIT:  This is possible because of the LED and infrared, it helps fight inflammation but also can help rebuild elasticity in the skin. So you are not only reducing your fat cells in a safe and pain free-way, and we expect your results to be long lasting if not permanent. But you are also going to see your body tighten, tone and firm. So as you are losing if you have a big tummy, it will start to tighten the skin as well! 

Fast Fit Review: The Technology

DONNY:  So with this technology, you basically get your body to a point where you don’t have to warm up for like 10, 20 minutes or something before you start losing weight?


FAST FIT:  Exactly, yes.


DONNY:  So that is the technology.


FAST FIT:  Yes. Our technology gets you into fat burning mode. But it is also targeted. So when you go to the gym and you have to get into that fat burning mode for your first 25 minutes, like on an elliptical or similar.


DONNY:  Based on what I’ve seen in reviews that’s not a popular part of Exercise.


FAST FIT:  Yeah. That is no fun. Yes, the reviews say it all! But you also cannot target where you are going to lose the fat from. Normally when we lose weight, we lose it usually from our face, our breast, and our butt first. And for men, it is often arms and legs and also in their face. But with us, you are going to have targeted fat loss. But you can also see an improvement in not just losing pure fat, like Vera had amazing result. She lost five pounds of pure fat in just a matter of weeks.


JJ:  This is five pounds of fat!


DONNY:   What!!


JJ:  This came out of you?


FAST FIT:  Yes, mainly from the mid-section!


what is visceral fat

DONNY:  Now there is something about — it’s called visceral fat. You target that. Explain what visceral fat is.



FAST FIT:  Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that is underneath your rib cage and around your organs. And you do not want to have visceral fat. You want to have the lowest numbers possible. And all of our clients are seeing their visceral fat change as well. Visceral fat is what leads to cancer, type two diabetes, stroke, heart attack, depression. You don’t want to have visceral fat. And so we work with our clients, we help them understand that it is not just the subcutaneous fat, the fat you can grab. But our technology is the only technology that can help get rid of the visceral fat as well. So that helps put years back on your life.



DONNY:  So once you use the LEDs and the — what was the other one?



FAST FIT:  Infrared, it’s all in one.



DONNY:  Infrared, then you can work out?



FAST FIT:  Yeah, that is when we say, go for a brisk walk. That’s all you have to do is just give me a minimum 30-minute walk, because what is coming out of your fat cells needs to be burned off as energy. You don’t have to do anything extreme to see your body change. We have been doing this now for three plus years. We have multiple locations across the country and we have helped people that have just said, I am so stuck!



VERA:  It literally sculpted my body and made me look like I had done sit ups. And honestly, I look better now than I looked when I was 20. Like, I really didn’t have that shape at that age. So it has been amazing.



DONNY:  Amazing.




FAST FIT:  You always have a chance to reinvent your body.



VERA:   Who would have ever thought as you got older, that you could be your best, and I mean, health-wise as well.



FAST FIT:     We have clients in their 70s, 80s, 90s, because you just might be halthy.



DONNY:        No way! That’s fantastic.


FAST FIT:   With Fast Fit you always have a chance to reinvent your body.

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