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There are two main types of fat in the body. We’ve got subcutaneous fat. This is the fat underneath the surface of the skin. But living deep behind the ribs on our organs is visceral fat.  It’s located near several vital organs, including the heart, kidneys, and liver. Visceral fat is often called “bad fat” due to the increased health risks that come with having it.  Unfortunately, this dangerous fat is not easy to spot.  Even extremely healthy people with very little subcutaneous fat can be at risk for health issues because of fatty deposits on their organs. 

Visceral fat surrounds our heart, our liver, our kidneys, and it actually impairs our body’s function. We know that this fatty tissue is directly related to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, inflammation throughout the body. According to both the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School this is the fat that contributes to heart disease, strokes, even cancer. 

Is Visceral Fat Dangerous?

This is a comparison between what a healthy heart looks like, and what a heart looks like when you have high visceral fat. It dangerously affects our bodies. So this isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling good and being healthy. Once we see what the impact of this unhealthy internal fat is on our organs it just everyone understands how dangerous it is.

Unfortunately, age prevents diet and exercise from reducing visceral fat.  This is because this fat has to be metabolized. It has to be burned. Diets don’t burn anything. When you go on a diet, you introduce a calorie restriction to put less into your body, but you are not burning anything extra. Exercise is extremely healthy and good for you. Alone it is not the most efficient process for burning fat anymore. To get into the fat burning stage of exercise it takes approximately 25 minutes of continuous exercise. If the average person is working out for 30 minutes then only five minutes of that entire workout is helping you to burn fat. Surgery including CoolSculpting, liposuction, and tummy tucks are focused on reducing only subcutaneous fat. Remember, this is the fat that runs underneath the skin. It is visceral fat that is surrounding your organs. These surgeries are not going to crack open the ribs to get to the organs to remove the dangerous fat that covers them.

red Light based technology

To reduce visceral fat we use light based technology. This LED light technology is non-invasive, pain free, non-surgical, recovery free method of removing visceral fat. At Fast Fit Body Sculpting you will relax in a spa-like atmosphere as these lights work on your body to get into fat burning mode. What is actually happening while you are relaxing is that the red light is poking little holes in those fat cells. This releases the fat from the cells so that the body can use it for energy. Now, when you go and take a walk for 30 minutes you burn pure fat for 30 minutes instead of the normal 5 minutes you get with regular exercise.

Absolutely! The results at Fast Fit Body Sculpting are amazing. The Fast Fit technology is helping people not only look their best, but also helping people gain back their health. Jerry is a great example. Jerry lost over 43 pounds of pure fat with Fast Fit Technology. She lost 57 total inches. That’s arms, all of her midsection, and thighs. In regards to losing visceral fat, Jerry reduced her visceral fat rating from a 16, which is a dangerous level, to a 12. Her results helped her reduce and even eliminate certain medications.

Does it remove visceral fat
Before Fast Body Sculpting visceral fat treatment and after

Simply use the details below to request a free consultation. You’re going to get a complimentary consultation and a comprehensive body analysis. The body analysis will tell us your visceral fat in just seconds. We have an advanced technology that measures not just the visceral fat for us, but hydration, muscle mass, and bone density. We want to track and maintain all of these things.

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