What is Body Sculpting?

Body Sculpting refers to a treatment or service that is able to get rid of fat or as a solution to weight loss. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures available.

However, due to the risks, pain, and difficulties that weight loss, or fat loss, surgery has, non-surgical treatments have become more popular in recent years.

Unfortunately, there are many services and products that will destroy fat cells.

While the destruction of fat cells might be a solution in the beginning, destroying fat cells could make things worse in the future.

fast fit detox and cleanse fat loss

*Real Fast Fit Client After Body Sculpting*

We Shrink Fat Cells

Due to the negative effects of destroying fat cells (fat cells multiplying, bruising, and increased fat cell production), Fast Fit shrinks fat cells.

You can body sculpt with Fast Fit’s Red Light Therapy in a safe, non-surgical, and natural process.

Benefits of Shrinking Fat

Losing weight and losing fat with Fast Fit's Red Light Technology:

  • No Surgical Procedures
  • No Downtime
  • Reduce Visceral Fat
  • No Pain

Is Body Sculpting Safe?

*Real Fast Fit Clients*

Absolutely! Body Sculpting with Fast Fit’s Red Light Technology is safe, non-invasive, non-surgical, and pain free!

Unlike other procedures, Fast Fit’s Body Sculpting procedure shrinks fat cells and does not destroy fat cells.

Red Light Technology has been proven to be safe for use on people. In fact, it has been used for years as a solution to skin complications.

Fast Fit Is Safe

  • No Bruising
  • Painless
  • Zero Downtime
  • No Surgery
  • Safe For All Ages
  • Safe For All Weights

Body Sculpting | Before and After

With Red Light Therapy Technology at Fast Fit Body Sculpting, people have been able to achieve incredible results.

For starters, there is Joni and Patricia who were both able to go above and beyond what they were expecting. Both of them had tried everything to lose the fat and drop the weight, but nothing worked.

Patricia hopped from meal one diet to the other and exercise routines seemed to be doing nothing for her.

Joni's Body Sculpting Review

Joni, had tried it all, even a surgery that proved to be insufficient and was unhappy with her results.

Patricia's Body Sculpting Review

Patricia hopped from one meal plan to another, from diet to diet, and a variety of exercise routines seemed to be doing nothing for her.

Come in for a Consultation

Body Fat Analysis
or Health Assessment


Why Choose Fast Fit?

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I answer a lot of questions about Fast Fit everyday, but my most frequently asked question is:

 “Why should I come to Fast Fit?

The answers might surprise you…

image lose fat not weight

Most of us want to lose weight. We want to lose fat. Everyone has a different body type. Some of us are very much overweight, some of us are underweight, but almost all of us have pockets of fat that we cannot lose. So no matter what that is, no matter if you’re wearing fat all over your body or just in certain parts of your body, it is all about fat loss and not as much about weight loss. Yes, fat has weight, it goes hand in hand, but it’s more about shrinking the stubborn fat and improving muscle mass. Now, wait a second, I just say muscle mass. I’m not talking about getting a bodybuilder physique, but what I’m talking about is as we age, the best insurance policy we could have for our health is increased muscle mass and increased bone mass.

Muscle mass and bone mass protects us, so we want to maintain or increase both. The more muscle we have actually, the faster the metabolism we have. So people come to Fast Fit initially to look better, but what they don’t understand is their health and their looks go hand in hand. To look your best on the outside you must look your best on the inside.

Why Fast Fit? | Lose "Dangerous" Fat

A quick education before I move on. There are two major types of fat in the body; visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is the fat you can’t pinch that lives beneath your abdominal wall and behind your rib cage . Subcutaneous fat is the fat that’s under the skin that you can grab a hold of or pinch. While this is the obvious fat most of us are familiar with, Visceral fat is the kind we don’t even realize we have. We blame the health or shape we have on a large liver, or maybe some deformity we have in our midsection. It is fat. Visceral fat causes us to lose our shape, and to get that bulging midsection.

Beyond just losing our shape, visceral fat starts destroying our health. It starts producing a lot of inflammation and it actually works as an organ that attacks our body. When we have increased inflammation, we have increased estrogen, specifically the worst type of estrogen production. So, it basically poisons our body on a day-to-day basis.

I know there’s a lot of frustration! Most people go day-in and day-out thinking, “I’ve done the right things, I’ve done everything possible, I’ve tried a million things.”

It’s very common for me to talk to clients that tell me that they’ve tried 20 or 30 different programs in the past, whether it’s a diet or exercise program.

Visceral Fat in the body

Let’s briefly discuss diets. Eating healthy is great for you, it’s great for your health. A diet doesn’t have to be calorie restriction. It doesn’t have to be starvation. A diet under my definition is what you eat….or in other words, what you eat is ‘your diet’.  Looking at it this way makes ‘dieting’ and ‘healthy eating’ very simple! 

I always try to talk about the “two shot swing”. Let’s take away one food that’s very harmful to our body add something that is great for our body. Just by doing this one thing you have a healthier diet.  Simply getting rid of one thing and adding one thing, or maybe even modifying your favorite dish can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. It’s baby steps.  

img energy

I know another frustration I hear from people is, “well I don’t have the energy. I don’t even have the energy to get up in the morning. I don’t have the energy to walk around the house. I have no energy.” I understand completely! And there’s a reason we don’t have energy. It has a little to do with our metabolism, but it has more to do with cellular hydration.

Cellular Hydration

Cellular hydration is basically the blood flow to the cells in your body. So every cell in your body depends on blood. Blood carries, hydration, nutrition, and oxygen. If we get those three things, magic happens and we have energy. But what happens is our cells become less permeable. As we age, as we sit around more, our blood flow decreases. So we normally get the blood flow to the cells, but the cells don’t even accept what little blood flow that we offer. So at Fast Fit, we want you to look your best on the outside, but also on your inside because that’s the only way you’re going to get permanent results.

Why Fast Fit? | Change Your Life

We think of Fast Fit as a bridge. We’re a bridge for that person that sees their shape or health improvement to be impossible. They don’t have the energy to do anything, and maybe even given up hope.

In just two weeks at Fast Fit you’re going to feel that energy. You’re going to have increased blood flow. You’re going to feel it in just two weeks and now you’re going to have the energy to do a few things. And when you do a few things and improve your diet a little bit, you’re going to improve your health

Why Fast Fit? | Improve Your Health

Your health right now is more important than ever because you need your immune system to be at its optimum. You know our health and immune systems go hand in hand. So if you want to boost your immune system, let’s get our body looking good from the inside out. And that’s exactly what we do at Fast Fit. We use technology and are technology based. We are not a workout system. We are not on a diet plan. We are a technology based system that works with the synergistic effect of combining technology, healthy eating, and a little bit of exercise.

Free Educational Consultation

Come on in for a free educational consultation! We’re going to educate you when you come in. We’re gonna show you a comprehensive body analysis of yourself. We’re going to give you the blueprint of what’s happening on the inside of your body right now. We’re going to show you how we can help you improve that, and we’re going to get you those results that you want. We guarantee it. To schedule your free educational consultation

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How Do I Boost My Immune System?

Today we are going to answer a lot of the recent questions we have been receiving about the immune system. 

Family protected by immune system

We’ll just keep it very simple. Your immune system defensively reacts to an injury or infection, such as a virus. It is your shield. 

No matter how you understand the immune system it is important to understand one simple truth.  Your immune system can become weakened and even compromised.  A compromised immune system means you are more likely to catch a cold, a virus, or a similar illness.  A weakened immune system means you can also become ill more frequently.

How do I know my immune system is compromised or weak?

Usually your body will tell you if your immune system has become weak or compromised. There are several signs of a weakened immune system.  For instance, you may have very low energy, a feeling of illness, headaches, allergies, aches and pains, and moodiness (just to name a few).  

Another big indicator of a potentially weakened immune system is an increase or decrease in appetite.  You may even start having cravings for “sweets” or “comfort foods”.  In extreme cases, if your immune system is too weak, you may not have any symptoms of a cold or illness at all. 

is my immune system compromised

Common Questions:

What can I do to strengthen my immune system?” 

How do we boost our immune system?”

All great questions!

The first thing we should start with is nutrition. We need to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory, not pro-inflammatory. We should consume less inflammatory foods.

We can remove foods that cause inflammation, but we should consume foods that decrease inflammation and that are very high in energy. I’m talking about fruits and vegetables. You want to consume foods that are nutrient dense and deliver energy to the body.  When you eat a lot of inflammatory foods, your immune system can be confused and become hyper-active and start attacking various parts of the body, which can cause inflammation to run rampant.  It is important to realize that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Your digestive tract is your first line of defense.  The reason nutrition is so important is because an unhealthy diet can lead to an unhealthy digestive tract, ultimately suppressing the immune system and compromising the immune system.

Reducing stress also plays a key role in boosting your immune system.  When I talk about stress, I mean physical, mental, and emotional.  Healthy nutrition and daily exercise are very important in reducing stress and boosting the immune system.

sleep can strengthen your immune system

Sleep is also key in boosting your immune system.  Your body detoxes during sleep.  This is when your detoxifying organs regenerate, especially true of your liver.  Your liver normally cleanses itself during sleep between the hours of 10pm and 3am. Sleeping between these hours is crucial.  If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ve missed a great opportunity for your liver to enter the deepest part of regeneration and detoxification. 

The next focus area is whether or not you are intaking lots of caffeine through energy drinks or coffee. Caffeine is not necessarily bad for you.  However; when you are driving yourself with caffeine you can become reliant on it.  That is a huge problem. Why? Because it will cause your adrenal glands to fatigue, and that could absolutely cause negative effects on your immune system

supplements to boost your immune system

Supplements are very polarizing for people. Some see the benefit of supplements and vitamins while others don’t. Making this even harder for people to understand is the wide variety in quality available in the supplements. No matter what side of supplements you find your self on we can all agree you need to be careful what you’re putting in your body. It is very important when taking supplements to make sure they are of the highest quality. Many of today’s foods are very deficient in the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly, including the immune system.
To name a few: 

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A
  • Mushrooms Extracts
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Soluble Fiber 
  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant. It is used in very high doses for more than boosting your immune system. Right now there are a lot of alternative treatments for cancer and a lot of different diseases that we have, and Vitamin C is used in a lot of those treatments. Your body will only absorb so much of any vitamin, so it’s almost impossible to cause any harm by having too much. In fact, when we take more Vitamin C than our body can absorb, what it will do is cause a loose bowel movement or a watery bowel movement.  It is important to make sure our vitamin sources are of the highest quality standards.

When looking for high quality supplements you will notice many different types of Vitamin C available to help boost your immune system.  One of these types is Liposomal Vitamin C.  It is more easily absorbed than other types.  Then there is ascorbic acid powder which is also a good source of Vitamin C.  This is also good option for anyone looking to incorporate this immune booster into their routine.

Let’s make it very simple. Let’s just focus on the category of anti-inflammatory foods.
To name a few:

  • Avocados
  • Broccoli
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Olive Oil
  • Oranges
  • Wild Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Swiss Chard
  • Walnuts
image of food

The more anti-inflammatory foods that you can incorporate into your diet, such as organic fresh fruits and vegetables, will not only make you feel your best but also look your best. To learn more about boosting your immune system and a healthy lifestyle, including additional information on how to use technology to boost your immune system…

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What is Visceral Fat?

There are two main types of fat in the body. We’ve got subcutaneous fat. This is the fat underneath the surface of the skin. But living deep behind the ribs on our organs is visceral fat.  It’s located near several vital organs, including the heart, kidneys, and liver. Visceral fat is often called “bad fat” due to the increased health risks that come with having it.  Unfortunately, this dangerous fat is not easy to spot.  Even extremely healthy people with very little subcutaneous fat can be at risk for health issues because of fatty deposits on their organs. 

Visceral fat surrounds our heart, our liver, our kidneys, and it actually impairs our body’s function. We know that this fatty tissue is directly related to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, inflammation throughout the body. According to both the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School this is the fat that contributes to heart disease, strokes, even cancer. 

Is Visceral Fat Dangerous?

This is a comparison between what a healthy heart looks like, and what a heart looks like when you have high visceral fat. It dangerously affects our bodies. So this isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling good and being healthy. Once we see what the impact of this unhealthy internal fat is on our organs it just everyone understands how dangerous it is.

Unfortunately, age prevents diet and exercise from reducing visceral fat.  This is because this fat has to be metabolized. It has to be burned. Diets don’t burn anything. When you go on a diet, you introduce a calorie restriction to put less into your body, but you are not burning anything extra. Exercise is extremely healthy and good for you. Alone it is not the most efficient process for burning fat anymore. To get into the fat burning stage of exercise it takes approximately 25 minutes of continuous exercise. If the average person is working out for 30 minutes then only five minutes of that entire workout is helping you to burn fat. Surgery including CoolSculpting, liposuction, and tummy tucks are focused on reducing only subcutaneous fat. Remember, this is the fat that runs underneath the skin. It is visceral fat that is surrounding your organs. These surgeries are not going to crack open the ribs to get to the organs to remove the dangerous fat that covers them.

red Light based technology

To reduce visceral fat we use light based technology. This LED light technology is non-invasive, pain free, non-surgical, recovery free method of removing visceral fat. At Fast Fit Body Sculpting you will relax in a spa-like atmosphere as these lights work on your body to get into fat burning mode. What is actually happening while you are relaxing is that the red light is poking little holes in those fat cells. This releases the fat from the cells so that the body can use it for energy. Now, when you go and take a walk for 30 minutes you burn pure fat for 30 minutes instead of the normal 5 minutes you get with regular exercise.

Absolutely! The results at Fast Fit Body Sculpting are amazing. The Fast Fit technology is helping people not only look their best, but also helping people gain back their health. Jerry is a great example. Jerry lost over 43 pounds of pure fat with Fast Fit Technology. She lost 57 total inches. That’s arms, all of her midsection, and thighs. In regards to losing visceral fat, Jerry reduced her visceral fat rating from a 16, which is a dangerous level, to a 12. Her results helped her reduce and even eliminate certain medications.

Does it remove visceral fat
Before Fast Body Sculpting visceral fat treatment and after

Simply use the details below to request a free consultation. You’re going to get a complimentary consultation and a comprehensive body analysis. The body analysis will tell us your visceral fat in just seconds. We have an advanced technology that measures not just the visceral fat for us, but hydration, muscle mass, and bone density. We want to track and maintain all of these things.

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DISCLAIMER* The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever. Each person is different and one person’s success is no guarantee of results. IMPORTANT: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Fast Fit Review | Meet the Fenstermakers

A Couple's Weight Loss Journey

Before giving a Fast Fit Review, the Fenstermakers had tried numerous weight loss options. Despite many attempts at regaining their bodies and their shape, they were let down over-and-over.  Their  search for a successful weight loss program ended when they decided to try Fast Fit Body Sculpting. This is the personal review from Ron and Melissa Fenstermaker’s perspective.


Ron's Review of Fast Fit

In August of 2018 I decided that my lovely bride needed something more structured to get control of her health.  I was 64 and she was 52 at the time.  I had seen the Fast Fit Hilton Head, SC ads in the paper, but thought they were probably just another gimmick diet plan.  However, what the heck, we had tried all of the rest why not one more.  So, I scheduled an appointment to meet with the Fast Fit folks.

The first thing that struck me was how positive and exuberant all of the staff were.  As a business man I know that this atmosphere permeates from the top down.  So now they have my interest.  We went through the startup drill and in support of my wife I decided that we would do it together.  Having been a wrestling coach, weightlifter and fitness buff all of my life I really did not realize that I was so out of shape and frankly just plain fat!

Doing it together has been awesome.  We have friendly competitions and truly enjoy going to what we call “the Fast Fit spa”.  We also push each other to walk daily and do the vibration platform (I bought one for my house).

For me personally Fast Fit has honestly changed my entire life.  I feel better, I look better, my attitude is better, my life is just plain better!!

Melissa's Review of Fast Fit

When I turned 50, I thought my days of looking good were in the past.  I believed menopause was going to be my downfall and that I was just going to keep getting fatter and fatter.  My heritage is Italian, and I come from a long line of round Italian ladies…  Then my husband bought us (me) a Fast Fit package and we did it together.  We liked the program so much, my husband bought us a vibration platform for our home, we use it every day!!!!


After our first package, we re-upped our commitment because we were seeing fantastic results, but we wanted more.  It honestly IS a commitment, but not a horrible one. Going to the gym is horrible!!!


Flash forward a year, many trips and much time away from doing our regular sessions.  Believe it or not, combined, we have lost over 50 pounds of visceral fat and are looking forward to being our lowest weight in 20 years!


The most incredible thing is that we are not strict with our diet; yes, we watch what we eat; we eat more fresh, non-processed food on a regular basis.  On occasion, we are not angels, we have pizza.  Could we lose more weight? YES, but then it would be too much like a diet.  Anyone can do this!  All you need to do is eat fresh, unprocessed food, walk at least 4 times a week, keep your appointments at fast fit and enjoy wearing smaller clothes!


The thing that is most amazing is Doug and his staff.  They are incredible!  If it weren’t for them, I don’t think this would work!  They are knowledgeable and encouraging.  They make us feel like family and that nothing is unattainable.  Our appointments are always the first of the day, so it is great to see a smiling face when we arrive.  And they are never judgmental when you fill out the blue form or hand in your food journal!  I honestly look forward to treatment days.  Even the other clients that I talk to when I’m there are enthused and dedicated. 


Finally, I have learned that I can crack that genetic, Italian, hurdle.  If I can do THAT, anyone can achieve their personal goals. Fast Fit is the most amazing way I have ever lost weight and enjoyed it, seriously enjoyed it!  I never thought I’d say that about a weight loss program!


Weight Loss Results

In final review of the results, here are the latest success stats from the Fenstermaker’s journey at Fast Fit!


Ron’s Fast Fit Stats Reviewed:

  • Down 54.2 Pounds of Pure Fat
  • Down 42% of his Dangerous Visceral Fat

Melissa’s Fast Fit Stats Reviewed:

  • Down 24.4 Pounds of Pure Fat
  • Down 20% of her Dangerous Visceral Fat

Ron and Melissa Review Life after Fast Fit

Since finishing the Fast Fit program, Ron and Melissa’s life it totally different. They stated that they had the energy and physique to travel to their vacation home more often.


Are you Reviewing Options? Try Fast Fit!

Fast Fit Body Sculpting appreciates you taking the time to look at this amazing review! 


If you are interested in achieving the same success as the Fenstermaker’s, you’re in luck. Fast Fit offers a free educational consultation, during which you will get a chance to review the technology, you will get a body composition analysis for free from Fast Fit, and you will get a tailored plan made custom around your personal goals. 


To get started you can simply click below and we would love to speak with you!