Marilyn N.

I joined fast-fit Sahara 2 mos. ago after trying other means to lose fat in my tummy area. I only wound up gaining more weight. The staff at Sahara thoroughly explained what the sessions involved & how the equipment worked (no counting calories, carbs or fats) just keep a log of everything I consumed & drank. The staff at Sahara are very warm & friendly, always there with a smile to greet you, to aid & assist, give encouragement & kudos when results are achieved. Very considerate of your privacy as well. I highly recommend fast-fit at the Sahara location.

CoCo S.

Oh very nice group of people with a specialty in getting results. Suzanne, Vanessa, and Eileen go out of their way to be sure every step of the way you are supported and getting results effectively. I’ve been on many weight-loss programs and many diets and I have previously had minimal results – it’s not the case here. This is a detox program and a lifestyle that is about being as clean and clear as possible with your body, and we have to do our part. I see poor reviews and I hate excuses or complainers. We are all responsible for ourselves, right? The way I see it, anyone who has written a poor review has not done their part – sorry. This is about taking your body to the next level. It is very different than anything else and I am very grateful for that. I’m excited to see what my results will continue to be.‼️❤️.

Chris S.

Hi All, At 1st I was skeptical because this program is not cheap. After my wife started this program and a few sessions after and many more to go, I have started to noticed she has loss some inches and she feels better and becoming more confident with herself. She also maintains a fit style with attending group gym programs as well with this this Fast Fit Body Sculpting program to keep the weight and and inches off. I love programs like this that proves results and not a gimmick and I know the results like my wife is experiencing with this program is working for her:) For all you hubbys out there, I highly recommend this program for you wifey.

Nicole P.

THE RESULTS of my treatments ARE AMAZING! I started noticing results quickly and was surprised how people I worked with were constantly complimenting me on the visible progress. I am now almost at the end of my sessions and am incredibly pleased with my results. Losing over 20 pounds, I have gone from being overweight to healthy, from a slow metabolism to a normal one, am back to wearing the pants size I wore in high school, and am buying a smaller shirt size than I can ever remember!

THE LOCATION IS TOP-NOTCH! The facility is gorgeous, comfortable, clean, relaxing and welcoming. The staff is consistently positive, professional, and perfectly skilled at catering to you and your individual needs. They will guide you to success step-by-step in ways that fit you and your lifestyle. During my treatment, I most often worked with Suzanne and Kaitlin, who are both very knowledgeable, inspiring, and supportive. There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate them for being incredible coaches every step of the way. I am always greeted with big smiles, enjoy a visit filled with inspiring tips for continued success, and leave feeling empowered for the future. I may need to bring a box of tissues to my last session because I will miss working with them every week!

If you are looking for the answer to your weight loss woes, this is DEFINITELY the place for you!

Amy r.

After my 12th session I have lost 15 inches and 10lbs. I was very surprised because I haven't stuck to the recommended diet, although I have been making better food choices and drinking more water. My clothes fit better and I have a lot more energy. This is a great jump start for me because I am in my late 60's and found it hard to lose weight. I still have 12 more sessions left and I'm sure I will lose more inches. I highly recommend this program. The girls that work here are also great yo work

Kellie W.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting! What can I say this place is amazing! Beautiful spa settings that makes you feel welcome and relaxed. The technology is superb with inches and fat loss achieved. No down time, non surgical with major results. I would highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed.

Ronda S.

I am so glad that I made the decision to try Fast Fit Body Sculpting, I have been trying to lose the fat around my midsection for a long time and nothing was working. Diet and exercise alone were not enough. Since starting Fast Fit in November 2017, I am experiencing results that I am very happy with! I have so much more energy, my clothes fit and look better on me and I am a much happier person. The staff at Fast Fit are very friendly and gives you encouragement at every session, this really helps me with my weight loss goals. This is one investment into myself that I am so happy I made!

Michele I.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting absolutely works! I took a chance on myself and made the commitment on September 20, 2017, to let technology help me get my body back. I am thrilled to share that I have lost 17.6 pounds of PURE FAT and my clothes are falling off! My confidence is up and I feel like a million bucks. If you have tried every diet and exercise program and are looking to be the best you in 2018, you need to give Fast Fit a call.

Carole K.

I am very pleased with the results that I am getting at FastFit. The technology is painless and the team is awesome. The entire process is easy and the encouragement and support is always there! The technology and process has helped with my diabetes and keeping it under control.

Sharon O.

Fast Fit has been a great experience. I hadn't been able to lose weight at all until I joined Fast Fit. If you follow the rules you will lose inches. The only hard part was to not drink alcohol. If you can do that you'll have great results! I would highly recommend!

Ben D.

With complete confidence, I would recommend Fast Fit to anyone who is serious about loosing weight. Why? Because it really works.

Without going into a lot of boring stats, the proof is in the results. In a very short time I have safely lost 11 inches in my waist. I can now wear cloths that I haven't been able to wear in over 10 years.

I am so happy and healty. My doctor actually took me off my high blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

In addition, the facility and staff are excellent and again, the results are fantastic.

And, I am keeping the weight off. Great program!!!

Kim M.

Kellie and Suzanne have been amazing! They are very friendly and helpful. The place is always clean and relaxing. I am sure I will have a great success story at the end of my sessions. Thanks Fast Fit!!

Suzanne F.

This place is awesome ! It's like a spa... Very peaceful and welcoming ! The staff is very friendly and welcoming.. I would highly recommend this place if you need an extra push to lose PURE body fat ! The results are amazing ! You will not be disappointed!

wolf lover0713

So very happy with my results! I've finally found a program and technology that really does work. You do have to listen to their easy nutrition tips and advice to have the best results, and to get the guaranteed results. It's not a quick fix for sure but diet and exercise just didn't work anymore once I hit my 40's. The technology is like a dream come true! Lay down and let your inches go away on the whole body. Yay for Fast Fit.

Molly E.

Fast Fit is the best thing I have ever found. Don't listen to the few who complain! They obviously don't want to change their life and thought this was a quick fix and could eat all they want or quit the program too soon. If you're ready to change your life then this is the motivation you need. The technology is amazing. It's made such a change in my body. My stomach has tightened and in all my years of sweating it out in the gym-- it' s never responded until I used the Fast Fit lights. It's not a diet, but they give suggestions of what to eat and what not to eat for the best results and for long lasting results. Yeah-- that makes sense to me. If I'm spending money I want it to last. I know it will. I had to make changes with what I thought was good for me but frozen low calorie meals and starving myself is not healthy. I actually like healthier food now. I learned so much! And yes-- you have to poop! That's how the fat comes out. Just taking something to help me go to the bathroom sure didn't help me lose 12.75 overall inches in 32 days. I also lost 14.5 pounds of pure fat. Fast Fit did that. If it was so easy to just diet and exercise we'd all be skinny! But the machine is what really helped kick off those stubborn pounds. Finally! My mom is so proud of me, too. You feel so good coming here in so many ways. I'm wearing clothes I couldn't wear for a few years so I say it was worth every penny!

Sheri H.

I give 5 stars because I love everything about Fastfit. I am so pleased with my results, I feel so much better. I look better. I have learned healthier life styles. Everyone is so nice, professional, and encouraging. I don’t want to stop coming to Fastfit!

Cynthiab B.

Best place ever don't waste time come on down and join just results staff is awesome


Wonderful, motivating staff. I’m feeling better & looking better

Susie C.

FastFit at Sahara location is great!

Niqua W.

The technology and the team at Fast Fit are amazing!

Bijoy C.

Great place

Nunez F.

Top Tint Customization

Frances M.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting on Flamingo has changed my life for the better. I am learning a new way on how to live a healthier lifestyle and getting great results at the same time. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking to get rid of fat and weight. The team Roberta and the Ladies there are amazing they work with you to help reach your goal from the day you walk in the door.

Tom F.

On diet's I come down a few pounds and then stall out but with fast fit I've been consistently dropping pounds and fat every week and the results are great this is been the best thing for my health in a long time. I highly recommend it. The girls there deliver excellent customer service, are very knowledgeable and very helpful in helping me reach my goal.

Birdie D.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting on Flamingo is one of the cleanest places I have ever set foot in. The staff is amazing and the technology is out of this world sure to give anyone great results. My experience with them has been more than exceptional.

Peggy S.

After meeting Jocya,Roberta,Shay,Bailay and Sydne and knowing these wonderful gals will really keep me on track. I promised myself to follow the program to the best of my busy lifestyle to see results. My lifetime struggle with weight has brought me to my last resort. It has been 14 years maintaining the same weight so now its time to see a better me. After seeing my older friends struggle with bad health, knees and nursing home, it's scared me to get a lifestyle that I can do every day. This is the motivation to stay on track. I am looking forward to a form-fitting outfit to accent my body! I started 22 days ago and i am already down 3.9 inches on my mid-section! I lost fat and i am feeling better!

Kate B.

I just love this wonderful new technology!!! Fast fit is an amazing place to loose weight and inches. The staff is so Positive & Kind. I always look forward to go to each session. It Feels so good to go there & when clothes fit better & I feel lighter... I shout for joy! I also got so much more energy. Thanks, Suzanne & Doug for sharing this amazing technology with us! #i♥️AllOfU#

Heather B.

So happy to be a client here. I have achieved awesome results in such a short amount of time. Excited to see what my final results will be.

Jessica M.

From the moment I entered the facility I was greeted with a wonderful, friendly staff. It's been 9 sessions and already see results. This place is everything I expected and much more. Thank you Fast Fit!!!

Shaunie H.

Only 2 weeks in and I am already fitting in clothes I couldn't wear all season. The staff is so friendly and encouraging. Can't wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring!

Shirley B.

Amazing staff. They are so positive. It is wonderful to be able to loose the weight with such ease and support.

Roy Van S.

To start with, I am the biggest skeptic there is and I said as much to the staff there. With that, I along with my wife decided to give them a go. The staff is super!! Olivia, Dawn and T are extremely positive people that make you feel good about yourself, and they know their stuff!! So, after 10 sessions so far I have lost a total of 12.2 pounds of fat including 2 points of visceral fat!! I was ecstatic!!!!Needless to say I am no longer a skeptic and look forward to going to my sessions. If you follow what they tell you to do, you will come out of it much happier!! I plan to look good for the Summer!!! Thanks Fast Fit!!!

Keith B.

WOW. First of all, the staff at this location can really brighten your day, they are super friendly... I wanted to try Fast Fit because I was getting married in a couple months, and wanted to look my best for the wedding. I'm a mid/early 30's male, and I workout at least 3-4x per week and consider myself in pretty good shape. I wasn't sure how much Fast FIt could help me, but figured it was worth a shot since wedding photos last a lifetime... After 6 weeks/12 sessions, my body fat is down 4 pounds (which is about 2%), I've lost 25% of my visceral fat which is the dangerous kind that causes heart attacks, and people keep telling me how ripped and great I look. My metabolic age is also down 5 years so I think I found the fountain of youth! Thanks FastFit

Donna B.

Love Love Love the staff members at the Sahara Location.. The Technology is awesome because it assist you to lose the fat along with smoothing your skin on your body and face with the LED light is such a great benefit to losing the excess fat

Deborah I.

Fast Fit is a really friendly place that gives results!

Cynthiab B.

Awesome experience unexpected inches and weight loss super excited if I can do it anyone can do it

Sheila H.

staff is amazing!

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Erick B.

Fast Fit is awesome, I love it. The Girls (staff) are amazing, always happy, friendly, motivating and the Facilities are always spotless. With the support of the Girls and the Technology I’ve been able to lose 52% of my dangerous Visceral fat, 26.7 inches off my midsection, 44.8 inches overall, 43.8 pounds of pure fat, and 22 years of metabolic age. How could I not Love Fast Fit? Thanks for helping me feel better than I can ever remember, I’m 57, with a metabolic age of 42, feeling 32!!!

Joby N.

I've actually done Fast Fit twice (back to back.) They were essential in getting me past a plateau. Once I was at my goal (with the help of awesome staff), I rejoined for a new weight loss goal. I love my results!

kayla w.

I love this place the staff is so helpful and so wonderful. They really go out their way to help you and answer any questions you might have. This is a great place to start

Samantha G.

I joined Fast a fit four months ago and I have lost a total for 46 pounds and I recommend Fast Fit to anyone who wants to lose weight. Come in, relax and lose the weight. My overall blood pressure is lower, sugar levels are lower, I can’t say enough about Fast Fit and how wonderful that staff is.


The stubborn Visceral fat was my issue. Through this program you eat healthier and lose the fat and inches. Following the program is a must!! It is also the healthiest I have been!!

Kira L.

Outstanding technology. Friendly, energetic, knowledgable and supportive staff. Having tremendous success with the program! Increased energy, love losing the inches and having my clothes fit better! Does require you to put in work on your own and follow the directions given by staff. Definately worth it. Looking forward to reaching my healthier lifestyle goal.

Suzanne F.

This place is Awesome! It's like a spa... Very peaceful and welcoming! The staff is very friendly and welcoming! I would highly recommend this place if you need and extra push to lose PURE body fat ...The results are amazing ! You will not be disappointed..

Michele I.

I am thrilled to write this review about Fast Fit Body Sculpting! After diet after diet, and hours at the gym with little to no results, I decided to give this program a chance. And I am SO glad I did! 17.6 pounds of Pure Fat is GONE and I am happier and more energetic than I have been in years! I am wearing clothes that I haven't fit into in years and my "Fat pants" are in the trash! Thank you Fast Fit!

Laura H.

I have been going to Fast Fit Body Sculpting just about a week. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions. Honestly, just having to write down daily what you eat makes one ore accountable. I am optimistic and excited about the body changes on the horizon. The location in Henderson and the hours are perfect for my schedule. Looking forward to the future!! Thanks to all!

Annie W.

After researching various different methods of "body sculpting", Fast Fit Body Sculpting is absolutely the best option out there. The staff is friendly and supportive, the facility is spotless and the price is reasonable for the life changes they help you accomplish. Not only will you LOOK better, but you actually FEEL better, as well! I'm loving my results!! Thank you, Fast Fit Body Sculpting!

Julie S.

This was the jump start I needed after trying numerous ways to lose weight. It's easy in a friendly environment. The staff is wonderful and supportive. I never thought I would look forward to being weighed and measured. This has been the best investment I have ever made in myself!

Kathe H.

My experience at Fast Fit has been fantastic. The employees are friendly and supportive. The program is simple. After years of different weight loss programs, this program and their technology worked! I got my body back!! Give them a call. You will not regret it.

Jen D.

The staff and process are amazing!! During my initial consultation, they did not try to "upsell" me and told me that their smallest package would give me the results that I desired; which is amazing! Most don't have that kind of integrity. In 14 days, I have lost 6 lbs and almost 6 inches. The owner took time out of his day as well to personally "coach" me and give me some ideas on how to further achieve my results. You do have to WANT it and work towards your goals, which I do! Love FAST FIT and everything they are doing to help jump start my weight loss goals!


Everyone is upbeat and enthusiastic. I feel totally relaxed during the sessions. I'm looking forward to a rewarding relationship

Frances R.

I saw results within a few sessions. The staff is amazing. They are so encouraging and helpful. The professionalism and knowledge from the staff helped me understand the technology, changes to expect from Fastfit and it’s pain-free unlike other weight-loss procedures

Deborah C.

The office and staff r beautiful n very supportive. Great results! I would highly recommend to go there.

Amanda F.

I decided to give Fast Fit Body Sculpting a try after months of working out and not being able to get rid of stubborn belly fat left over from having my daughter, I was naturally skeptical but Dawn was friendly, knowledgeable and walked me through how the technology worked and by then end of the consultation I had a better understanding of what I needed to do. Daniella and Shamika are amazing too! I'm only on my second week and already seeing results. I feel better, and look better too. Definitely recommend giving them a call!

Janice L.

Wonderful calming and easy.Great experience. Love it. You got to try this for great results.

Jordan k.

The entire staff at Fast Fit Body Sculpting has been very helpful. The program is great and easy. Shamica and Shirley were especially helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone. - Randie

Elizabeth B.

I experienced results from Fast Fit. The staff were friendly, supportive and positive. I'm glad I went to them to help me feel better. Thank you Fast Fit!

Gary B.

I’m happy I signed up for it I really lost a lot of weight lotta interest and I feel so much better like the look in the mirror now feels real good

Carrie M.

The office is absolutely gorgeous and the staff is so friendly and supportive. The technology is amazing, it's relaxing and doesn't hurt at all, and it makes getting into shape almost effortless!

Julie Daun

Extremely friendly and intelligent staff with spa like atmosphere. No surgery, pain free with great results.

Cassandra B.

I'm in favor of technology, so I just had to see it for myself! I see it as an investment in myself, my long-term health and my longevity. With out of whack hormones and stress, I needed to do something, preferably non-invasive, to shake things up, and I wanted to do it right this time. All the ladies, Kerri, Shamica, Chanelle, Shirley and Lucia are AWESOME! Things are coming along, and I'm starting to see changes that I'm pleased with. I'm in it for the long haul, I look forward to the end result!!!

Rickey C.

This place is ansowme I love the staffs very friendly answer any questions you need to know and it really works try it

Mariza T.

I love Fast Fit , I lost weight and inches, the staff is very friendly.

Laura C.

I love this place and ALL the employees...They are always helpful and willing to answer questions...Thank you

Patricia L.

I am really happy with the results, It was really fast, I definitely recommend this place, the program is excelent and the staff very friendly.

Joanie I.

I had a fantastic experience. The staff was helpful and courteous and I reached all of my goals.

Donna B.

Love this concept!