fast fit detox

What is a detox?

In short, a detox is a way for the body to release and eliminate toxins, or poisons, from your body.


Common way to go about doing a detox is by:

  • Fasting
  • Eliminating unhealthy or harmful foods
  • Eliminating alcohol, sugar, and cigarettes
  • Taking supplements
  • Drinking teas of various herbs
  • Consuming anti-oxidant foods
  • Drinking vegetable/fruit juices and smoothies
  • Using laxatives or other pharmaceutical drugs

The detox processes vary in intensity and effectiveness from person to person. For example, some individuals may react better to fasting while others do not.


However, the science behind a detox diet’s effectiveness is still uncertain and shows mixed results.


In short, a detox may result in rapid weight loss due to common detox diets recommending people to eat less or to reduce harmful and unhealthy foods.


In the long run, the body cannot sustain this lack of nutrition and thus, the weight comes back after the detox period ends.

Why detox your body?

Commonly, people would want to do a detox in order to lose weight, flush their body of harmful foods or drugs, some seek to improve their immune system, and some simply want to reduce bloating or inflammation.

Detoxing for weight loss?

Yes, it is true, some people initially find that they lose weight when undergoing a detox.


However, this could largely be a result of losing fluids and consuming less unhealthy carbohydrates such as sugary drinks, white bread, pastries, and fried food.


Essentially, a detox diet such as the lemon detox diet will cause you to lose weight at the cost of starving yourself. This can result in the loss of muscle, bone mass, hydration, and connective muscle tissue, things that we do not want to lose at all.


In the end, the weight only comes back after the detox diet period ends and it often comes back as more fat than the original amount before starting the detox diet.


Detox benefits that will not destroy your body

  • Introducing healthier foods
  • Reducing consumption of sugary foods
  • Reducing or eliminating consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
  • Drinking more water
  • Increased Mindfulness and awareness of your own body’s needs