A Couple's Weight Loss Journey

Before giving a Fast Fit Review, the Fenstermakers had tried numerous weight loss options. Despite many attempts at regaining their bodies and their shape, they were let down over-and-over.  Their  search for a successful weight loss program ended when they decided to try Fast Fit Body Sculpting. This is the personal review from Ron and Melissa Fenstermaker’s perspective.


Ron's Review of Fast Fit

In August of 2018 I decided that my lovely bride needed something more structured to get control of her health.  I was 64 and she was 52 at the time.  I had seen the Fast Fit Hilton Head, SC ads in the paper, but thought they were probably just another gimmick diet plan.  However, what the heck, we had tried all of the rest why not one more.  So, I scheduled an appointment to meet with the Fast Fit folks.

The first thing that struck me was how positive and exuberant all of the staff were.  As a business man I know that this atmosphere permeates from the top down.  So now they have my interest.  We went through the startup drill and in support of my wife I decided that we would do it together.  Having been a wrestling coach, weightlifter and fitness buff all of my life I really did not realize that I was so out of shape and frankly just plain fat!

Doing it together has been awesome.  We have friendly competitions and truly enjoy going to what we call “the Fast Fit spa”.  We also push each other to walk daily and do the vibration platform (I bought one for my house).

For me personally Fast Fit has honestly changed my entire life.  I feel better, I look better, my attitude is better, my life is just plain better!!

Melissa's Review of Fast Fit

When I turned 50, I thought my days of looking good were in the past.  I believed menopause was going to be my downfall and that I was just going to keep getting fatter and fatter.  My heritage is Italian, and I come from a long line of round Italian ladies…  Then my husband bought us (me) a Fast Fit package and we did it together.  We liked the program so much, my husband bought us a vibration platform for our home, we use it every day!!!!


After our first package, we re-upped our commitment because we were seeing fantastic results, but we wanted more.  It honestly IS a commitment, but not a horrible one. Going to the gym is horrible!!!


Flash forward a year, many trips and much time away from doing our regular sessions.  Believe it or not, combined, we have lost over 50 pounds of visceral fat and are looking forward to being our lowest weight in 20 years!


The most incredible thing is that we are not strict with our diet; yes, we watch what we eat; we eat more fresh, non-processed food on a regular basis.  On occasion, we are not angels, we have pizza.  Could we lose more weight? YES, but then it would be too much like a diet.  Anyone can do this!  All you need to do is eat fresh, unprocessed food, walk at least 4 times a week, keep your appointments at fast fit and enjoy wearing smaller clothes!


The thing that is most amazing is Doug and his staff.  They are incredible!  If it weren’t for them, I don’t think this would work!  They are knowledgeable and encouraging.  They make us feel like family and that nothing is unattainable.  Our appointments are always the first of the day, so it is great to see a smiling face when we arrive.  And they are never judgmental when you fill out the blue form or hand in your food journal!  I honestly look forward to treatment days.  Even the other clients that I talk to when I’m there are enthused and dedicated. 


Finally, I have learned that I can crack that genetic, Italian, hurdle.  If I can do THAT, anyone can achieve their personal goals. Fast Fit is the most amazing way I have ever lost weight and enjoyed it, seriously enjoyed it!  I never thought I’d say that about a weight loss program!


Weight Loss Results

In final review of the results, here are the latest success stats from the Fenstermaker’s journey at Fast Fit!


Ron’s Fast Fit Stats Reviewed:

  • Down 54.2 Pounds of Pure Fat
  • Down 42% of his Dangerous Visceral Fat

Melissa’s Fast Fit Stats Reviewed:

  • Down 24.4 Pounds of Pure Fat
  • Down 20% of her Dangerous Visceral Fat

Ron and Melissa Review Life after Fast Fit

Since finishing the Fast Fit program, Ron and Melissa’s life it totally different. They stated that they had the energy and physique to travel to their vacation home more often.


Are you Reviewing Options? Try Fast Fit!

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