Fast Fit is a business built out of necessity. That is to say, Doug Zucco, the founder of the business, created Fast Fit’s Patent Pending Weight Loss technology in order to save his own life.


After suffering a heart attack, a widow-maker heart attack, Doug was left weak and sick without a safe way to treat the root of his health issue: Visceral Fat.


He found it hard to believe that this could happen to him considering that he ate right, exercised every day, and made a conscious effort to keep himself in good health.


Unfortunately, these old ways to reduce the amount of visceral fat he had within his body would not work at his age anymore.


Due to the necessity to find something that could improve his health, he finally found the answer in what is now offered as Fast Fit’s Weight Loss Technology.

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Red Light Technology

Red Light Technology, or Fast Fit’s Patent-Pending Weight Loss Technology, is not just any simple red light.


Fast Fit uses a near-infrared treatment that helps to stimulate the cells in our body. In short, this allows our bodies to make the impossible, possible.


Sounds too good to be true, right?


Fortunately, not this time. Fast Fit’s clients have shown a variety of improvements in many aspects of their health when subjected to the effect of Fast Fit’s Weight Loss Technology.

Benefits of Fast Fit's Weight Loss Technology