Cindy B.

Hey guys are you tired of dieting and exercise cuz I was so that's why I called Fast Fit Body Sculpting so what are you waiting for get on the phone and call what do you have to lose but that stubborn fat I did and I love my results check it out best place in town it's a spa atmosphere and the staff is awesome thank you for all you done for me

Kenia O.

I love love everything about this place! The staff is amazing! I love how much information they give you to get the best results, they help you in every way, and they definitely answer any question you have! Results are incredible and if you follow the rules you will definitely see changes! Will be returning!

Carrie M.

The technology is so relaxing, it really is like a spa. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the program is easy to follow with minimum effort. If you're considering surgery, definitely do yourself a favor and check out Fast Fit first.

Pamela J.

Fast Fit is awesome,amazing and worth it. The staff are just crazy wonderful, attentive,encouraging and really there to see you success (Newport News). It's working because I listen, eat proper(occasional slip)and enjoy walking after sessions even if it's a short distance. I am so very happy and satisfied with the investment I put into Fast Fit. Thank you Doug, Staff from the bottom of my heart (which is loosing visceral fat as I write. Fast Fit works it's as simple as that. Pamela J.

Carole C.

Fast fit of Bluffton is amazing! The staff are wonderful and so attentive. They are very encouraging about my progress with a " keep up the good work" when analyzing my progress. I am totally satisfied with my investment in Fast Fit. Carole Hurley

Kayla W.

I love this place the staff are so helpful and so wonderful and really go out there way to help you and answer any questions you have this is a great place to start.

Joni J.

I called for a consultation on April 4, 2019 after seeing the owner of Fast Fit on Coastal Live. I had no idea what it was, but I was intrigued. At the consultation I spoke to Hank (consultant) and he answered all my questions. I signed up and started the program. I have tried everything to lose weight, including having gastric sleeve surgery in 2012. With the surgery I did lose weight for awhile. I reached 180 pounds from 240 pounds. I was happy to be less than 200 pounds, but unhappy I didn't lose more. I decided I would try Fast Fit and follow their suggestions. Within 6 days I was down 5 pound and it didn't stop there. I completed my sessions on July 9. I lost 25 pounds of pure fat and 23.8 overall inches. That was success to me. Since then I have lost more body fat to the sum of 33 pounds. I went from a size 18 to my present size 8. I'm a firm believer in the Fast Fit technology. It has changed my life. I recommend the spa like environment to anyone that wants to get healthier and to lose body fat. The staff was terrific. They gave me the support and encouragement I needed to accomplish my goals. It is the best thing I have done for myself. My husband likes my results as well.

John D.

I want to thank a Fast fit for my weight loss, it has been great! Come in, relax, and lose the weight. I'm down 46 pounds of fat since I've started! It's the best thing that has happened to me for my weight loss journey. My blood pressure is lower, sugar levels are on target and I thank Fast Fit and their staff for taking me on the journey!

Carolyn A.

Positive and encouraging staff! Great technology and a great food plan that is healthy and you can eat as much as you want. Walking just a few nights a week is all the exercise you need. I love walking and gave up my gym membership because it was a much simpler and effective plan. Love coming here!!

Gretchen H.

Excellent program amazing results and I look so good! It really works!!

Cat W.

If you want to get your mind body and soul right these ladies are awesome and fast fit is the place for you. I highly recommend fast fit on eastern ave in Henderson.

Jobynne N.

I decided on Fast Fit because I was plateaued in my weight loss and didn't want surgery. Not only did I break thru my plateau with the help of friendly consultants, I re-signed up to achieve a new weight loss goal. Very happy with my results so far!

Patricia M.

I don't know why I took so long to go to FASTFIT What a life-changing miracle it has been for me!!!

I was an UN-BELIEVER!!

But this is why, I weighed 231 pounds and I was wearing a size 2X ! The largest I had ever been!

I had tried multiple diets including weight watchers nutra system boxed meals appetite meds etc. Only to gain more weight and frustration!!

I kept seeing the FASTFIT commercial that just would not leave me alone it sounded to good to be true!!!

A guaranteed program to loose stubborn FAT. Hmmm

So Ii finally went to a free consultation and Now I am down to 159 pounds and I'm wearing a size 6 !!! I still can't believe it!! I feel like I did when I was in the NAVY!!!

Thank you FASTFIT for giving me a New Me!! A Healthy and Energized Life !!

Robin P.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting changed my life. I had hit the big "50" and then menopause. Nothing, and I mean nothing worked for me. I had tried Nutrisystem & Doctor Oz's Day off Diet. I tried calorie restricting, I tried exercise, even starving myself! I now understand why nothing worked. As we age our bodies work differently. I was so focused on weight loss, until I understood the difference in weight loss vs pure fat loss. Fast Fit not only helps you lose the dangerous fat found in your mid section, it also tones, tightens and firms your skin! Not only is this program great for vanity reasons, but for health as well. In 60 days I went from a size 12 to a size 4...I followed the program and everything they told me to do. If you do WILL succeed! I read some of the posts where a few folks were giving bad reviews. I can guarantee that if the program did not work for them, they did not follow the program. Fast Fit even has a guarantee. Not only do I look better, I feel better, and I am healthier! The cost is a drop in the bucket for everything this technology does for you...look, I see woman spend thousands of dollars a year on make up, face creams, clothing, Botox...the price of this is cheaper than doing all of that. I have also visited several different locations, and at every location the staff couldn't be more helpful, compassionate and friendly. Best service oriented business I have dealt with! Positive people should give this a try (I say that, as negative people don't typical try or succeed in much, as they go into things with an "already failed attitude".) I was skeptical, and my results were amazing! Thank you Fast Fit...You have changed my life!!!

Nicole P.

July 2nd will be my one-year anniversary of finishing FastFit, and I am ECSTATIC to report that I've more than maintained my achievements...I've continued to progress! I've seen some recent reviews stating that FastFit is ineffective, even going so far as to suggest you try surgical or freezing treatments instead, which are SO risky and not showing long-term effectiveness. Look at the many testimonials and pictures available online and you will see visual proof that it IS effective. Some reviews are also complaining about burdensome exercise and eating requirements. You don't have to make severe changes and completely revise your eating and exercise habits overnight! Throughout my sessions, I learned many ways to improve my current eating habits, such as using higher quality products and trying healthier alternatives to common ingredients. I continued the exercise program I've done for years, just sometimes adjusting the timing around my FastFit sessions, which was doable. The staff is knowledgeable, inspiring, and supportive, so you WILL achieve great results like I have, IF you enter the program with an open mind and ears.

Wendy F.

I have just started my program at Fast Fit and feel very excited! The staff is very friendly and encouraging each time I go, and they all seem very knowledgeable. I have enjoyed watching the videos as they explain in more detail about the program and what makes it work. I am expecting good results!

Susan A.

I joined Fast Fit HHI, SC in December of 2018. My main reason for joining was to make changes to live a healthier life. I was over weight and have diabetes. My sugar had been higher than it should be and I felt terrible about myself. I am happy to say that your body WILL change if you are willing to change. After 63 days, I lost 14.3 inches, 16.2 lbs and 7.4 lb of pure fat and lowered my visceral fat from a dangerous level to a healthy level! There is no specific diet, you make a commitment to drink more water and be aware of what you are eating and just modify. Show up for your sessions twice a week and walk after your sessions for at least 30 minutes. It works if you make a decision to make healthy changes. I feel fabulous and cant wait to see my doctor and the improvement on my A1C!

Patricia M.

Fast Fit is REAL!! I'm wearing a size 6 and I started when I was in a size 16 entering a size 18!! I am a new person!! Fast Fit gave me a NEW Start in My Life!! Start your new life with their help!

Anjanette G.

Since I have enrolled in this life changing program so much has changed in my life. this program is like no other in the world. The technology works and I am living proof. The staff is there to route you on .Especially the co founder Doug who is a great inspiration to every single client and makes himself available to you at all times .I would highly recommend fast fit body sculpting to anyone. You have to do your part as well to get the most out of this just like anything you get out of it what you put into it .....I love the results I have seen in myself .You will be healthier all around and have a positive mind set . I cant say enough about my experience.. I LOVE FAST FIT.. ANJANETTE GORDON......

Teresa L.

Fast Fit has provided me an opportunity to lose weight and inches without the pressure of dieting. In less than 6 weeks I have lost 14 pounds and 7.1 inches. This program produces results that you can see right away. Great staff of helpful people always there to help you. Teresa Lancon

Crissy C.

Thank you fast fit team for what you do. With self motivation, guidance from your program and following the routines... I believe we can see and feel a wonderful difference in our bodies. I felt so energized after my first session, I actually had the desire to walk for an hour! I can not wait to see you again!

Tawanna E.

I am in my mid 50's and have tried many diets with no success because my metabolism is so slow. I talked to Doug and I was convinced. My husband and I joined together and we have had wonderful results. The progress has been a bit slower than we anticipated but it is working. We both feel so much better! My husbands swelling in his legs is almost completely gone. The staff is so caring. Just when we were getting a bit discouraged Doug took over 90 minutes with us to go over our diets and give us some other suggestions on our food intake and it totally has made the difference! I have a lot of back problems so it is hard for me to exercise but this is definitely giving me RESULTS!! I plan to continue my journey until I reach my final goal. My husband looks and feels so much better as well! Patty and Carla are excellent! I am down 15 pounds of fat, 2 pts of visceral fat, my body is more hydrated and my muscle mass has increased. The technology is amazing, I have never seen anything like it! The tanita and the 3D body imagining is like nothing I have ever seen!

Jess G.

I signed up a few weeks ago 2 reduce my visceral fat. I am fairly lean w a healthy diet and workout regime but my waist still seemed bloaty so I met w Doug who thought 6 weeks of 2/times/week red light treatment would reduce my visceral fat and get my waistline down. sure enough after only 2 weeks( 4 treatments) my waist is already down from a 34' to a 33' waist and my visceral fat has dropped from 8.5% to 7%. I feel so much more energetic and happy since I started as the toxins from my visceral fat get slowly drained by my body after each session. I can hardly wait to see how I look when my 6 weeks is done....maybe I will update this review. The difference in how I look and feel in such a short time is really amazing. I will probably put my parents on this program as reducing the amnt of visceral fat(internal fate) in ones body will help them and me live a LOT longer w less fat/toxins around my liver, pancreas and intestines I might live 2 b 100....thank u Doug and Fast Fit for coming out with and introducing me 2 this new way to reduce fat and live longer....JGab

Santy L.

I would highly recommend this place for people that are serious about their health. The staffs are well knowledgeable about the treatments. I also like the fact that they'll do body composition analysis. Overall this is a great place!

Art S.

Great Place,Great Results! People want to eat thousands of calories and expect to lose body fat! I deal with this on daily basis! As a professional athlete and one of top Las Vegas coaches. I was very skeptical,but I decided to try and it was amazed with the results. I am not overweight and I've been a coach for 20 years with lots of professional experience. I also sent doctors and my clients, they are all had tremendous results! Anyone who is having issues contact me directly I will help you resolve any concerns or restrictions you might have.

Randall B.

This did wonders for me Lost inches ,weight and have new energy. I'd recommend it to all. I've done 24 sessions

Christine W.

I think they have something here. As a total skeptic I was hesitant but committed. My bottom line is it forces you to review your nutrition in ways that are realistic and your overall physical activity. My doctor has a similar body mass calculator so I was able to compare results to my satisfaction. You can get Lipo or get with this program and do it the right way. No fat shaming here which is nice!

George B.

would definitely recommend fast fit to ANYONE! i was skeptical at first but i gave it a shot and i am so happy with my results. i have been trying to lose this belly fat for over 50 years and nothing ever helped until now. i have had to buy new clothes because my old ones are falling off! i bought some small clothes that i thought would fit and ended up having to buy even smaller ones. i know for a fact that if you eat great and eat clean the progress will be visible. i am truly amazed that fast fit actually works.

Veronica W.

I go to the location in Pooler Georgia. The staff is always friendly and I've lost inches all over. This less a less invasive way to approach fat loss than surgery. I would recommend this to anyone. Veronica R

Lisa H.

I love this place! I have lost over 19 lbs of pure fat, 26+ inches and feel fantastic! The staff is so encouraging and knowledgeable. This was the best investment in me for me.

Sue L.

I have lost 6 pounds of pure fat and love the results I am seeing. The technology is easy and the team is great!

Nancy W.

The team at Fast Fit, the program, and the technology is excellent. Everyone works with you really well. The program is explained great and is easily understood. I Love it!

Linda S.

I was very skeptical at first, but decided to try Fast Fit because nothing else was working. I was very happy and surprised with my results. The staff was very friendly, helpful and supportive.

Kathy M.

My husband and I have been enjoying our visits to Fastfit with great results of inches, pure fat and weight loss. The staff are very knowledgeable and puts you 2018at a nice comfort level as you are enjoying the spa like treatment with the light system. We tip our hats to this wonderful system. But best of all it really works!

Sharon V.

Loving Fast Fit. The staff is wonderful and attentive. On my tenth session my results showed that I have lost 6.4 pounds of body fat and gained 1.8 pounds of muscle. I have also taken TEN years off my metabolic age which is one year less than my actual age. YEAH!!!!!! Looking forward to looking good and having more energy for summer. If you follow the instructions you can do it too. Can't wait for my next session.

Tracie L.

Tears of joy. Before coming to Fast Fit Body Sculpting, I can admit that I hated my body. I was always up and down with my weight and I hated buying clothes. I didn't want to buy sleeveless blouse; because my arms were so large. Fat started forming above my elbows and I started being ashamed and embarrasse to show my arms. I knew that I was making the right choice when I decided to make the phone call that changed my life. My Clothes are fitting me so much better. My arms, stomach, hips and legs are disappearing right before my eyes. I'm never hungry, because I'm always eating. No more dietingThank you, Fast Fit for giving me back my life. Sincerely Tracie Leeks

James F.

After over 10 years of deteriorating spine injuries (both neck and lower back), I received two surgeries to stop further nerve damage and extreme pain. During this timeframe, my physical condition worsen to more than 50 pounds overweight and bad health (asthma). I fought back by losing 50 pounds of weight but any further attempt caused muscle and strength loss. I needed to find a new solution. My peers said at 63, I was too old. Others told me you'll never recover from neck and lower back surgery. I was getting very discouraged.

I searched the web for alternatives. Fast Fit offered a solution to reduce the size of fat cells all over my body as opposed to other treatments which selectively targeted areas of the body at compounding prices. Fast Fit sounded to be the best solution for me. My final goal is to eventually reduce my body fat to 17% or lower (Fitness Fat % classification). After 7 weeks of 2 session treatments, I received the following results: Body Fat decreased from 38 lbs to 35.6 lbs, Body Shape Rating increased from 84% to 86%, waist measurement decreased from 36.7" to 35.8", waist to hip ratio reduced from .93 to .9, and the weights (lbs) in my training program increased on an average by 7.2%. Stats don't lie! I lost fat, increased strength, and my muscular endurance improved. The end of my workouts were no longer a struggle.

Other bonuses are that the light therapy systems are not the only benefits. The helpful staff reviewed my diet and identified deficiencies. They eliminated bad fats, recommended spreading my 1/2 gram per body weight protein consumption throughout the day coupled with adding essential amino acids supplements to improve absorption, improved my immune system by adding mineral blend Fulvic-Humic to my daily diet, and included anti-inflammatory foods to fight from storing more fat. This improved my life style of eating!

I now strongly believe I can reach my goal of 17% body fat or less by the end of this year. My weakened spine isn't holding me back and I'm not too old. I can now regain a high level of physical fitness at the age of 63 or higher!

Roy V.

To start with, I am the biggest skeptic there is and I said as much to the staff there. With that, I along with my wife decided to give them a go. The staff is super!! Olivia, Dawn and T are extremely positive people that make you feel good about yourself, and they know their stuff!! So, after 10 sessions so far I have lost a total of 12.2 pounds of fat including 2 points of visceral fat!! I was ecstatic!!!!Needless to say I am no longer a skeptic and look forward to going to my sessions. If you follow what they tell you to do, you will come out of it much happier!! I plan to look good for the Summer!!! Thanks Fast Fit!!!

Jael W.

I joined FastFit in last November and I am coming up to my last 2 sessions; and I must say my results are amazing. I have lost almost 30 pounds and dropped 11 inches; I look liked I have totally amazing. The program is not hard if I can do it anybody can and the friendly staff keeps you encouraged and motivated; I recommend the program to anyone who just simply wants to get their body back!!!

D F.

I am very happy that I joined Fast Fit. I have lost a number of inches around my midsection, which is not an easy thing to accomplish for older women. Please don't listen to the negative reviews. Fast Fit is not a "magic bullet" and I've had to tweak my diet a bit, but in addition to the inches lost, I have had more energy and my skin glows. In addition, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely caring.

Donna B.

Love Love Love the staff members at the Sahara Location! All the girls are very joyful and motivating. The Technology is awesome because it assist you to lose the fat along with smoothing your skin on your body and face with the LED light is such a great benefit to losing the excess fat.

Gary B.

This was the best thing I ever dude I really feel good and I joy eating good I learned a lot and lost a lot thank you so much

Cynthia B.

Awesome place great reviews awesome results staff is awesome

James C.

This is great procedure! It really works.. Hard to get rid of organ fat, that we get from age, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise is really dangerous. Exercise and good eating alone isn't enough.. This procedure helps perpetrate the reduction of those hard to reduce fat cells!!! I'm really convinced!

Leann B.

I have had excellent results in 14 days at Fast Fit. I have lost 8.5" and 5.6 pounds of pure fat! Olivia, Dawn, and Erin are awesome and keep me focused. I have more energy than ever and feel amazing! This is a gift I have given to myself and so happy I did! And you will too! I am a very happy customer! Looking forward to seeing even more results!

Paula N.

Wow! I had a 5 star experience at Fast Fit. Tamatha addressed my concerns and designed a treatment plan just for my body type. She is professional, compassionate and caring. I never felt pressured and am overjoyed with my results. I can honestly say, for the first time in my life, I am looking forward to wearing a bathing suit this summer! I highly recommend Tamatha and Fast Fit.

Cathie S.

The program has eliminated my back pain. Love the whole body vibration. I'm seeing body improvements, feel better and sleep better.

Sharon O.

Fast Fit has been a great experience. I hadn't been able to lose weight at all until I joined Fast Fit. If you follow the rules you will lose inches. The only hard part was to not drink alcohol. If you can do that you'll have great results! I would highly recommend!

Kim M.

The staff is amazingly helpful and friendly. Kellie and Suzanne have been great. The spa like setting is very inviting and comfortable. I'm sure I'll have a successful story at the end of my sessions with the help of this staff.

Kellie W.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting! What can I say this place is amazing! Beautiful spa settings that makes you feel welcome and relaxed. The technology is superb with inches and fat loss achieved. No down time, non surgical with major results. I would highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed.

Suzanne F.

This place is awesome! It's like a spa.. very peaceful and welcoming! The staff is very friendly and welcoming.. I would highly recommend this place if you need and extra push to lose pure body fat.. the results are amazing! U will not be disappointed!

Ronda S.

I am so glad that I tried Fast Fit Body Sculpting! I feel AMAZING, and the technology is really working for me. There is no "strict diet" to follow, you are given a list of whole foods that will help with your weight loss. There is no "Magic Pill", if you want this to work for you, then you have to be willing to follow the program. I went in with an open mind and decided to change the foods that I eat and follow the directions of the program and so far I am very happy with the results that I am getting. The staff at the Sahara location are fabulous, they celebrate and encourage your accomplishments. It is very much a spa like atmosphere that I look forward to each day.

Molly E.

Fast Fit is the best thing I have ever found. Don't listen to the few who complain! They obviously don't want to change their life and thought this was a quick fix and could eat all they want or quit the program too soon. If you're ready to change your life then this is the motivation you need. The technology is amazing. It's made such a change in my body. My stomach has tightened and in all my years of sweating it out in the gym-- it's never responded until I used the Fast Fit Total Body light system. It's not a diet, but they give suggestions of what to eat and what not to eat for the best results and for long lasting results. Yeah-- that makes sense to me. If I'm spending money I want it to last. I know it will. I had to make changes with what I thought was good for me but frozen low calorie meals and starving myself is not healthy. I actually like healthier food now. I learned so much! And yes-- you have to poop! That's how the fat comes out. Just taking something to help me go to the bathroom sure didn't help me lose 12.75 overall inches in 32 days. I also lost 14.5 pounds of pure fat. Fast Fit did that. If it was so easy to just diet and exercise we'd all be skinny! But the machine is what really helped kick off those stubborn pounds. Finally! My mom is so proud of me, too. You feel so good coming here in so many ways. I'm wearing clothes I couldn't wear for a few years so I say it was worth every penny!