Barbara B

Very beneficial program. On top of shedding fat I feel much better and it's helped me in many ways, e.g. arthritis, circulation, energy, and the spot treatment aids my walking ability. Overall it's an excellent program for anyone looking to lose weight!


Over the last 2 months I've lost 10lbs of pure fat & 8+inches overall!! I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I'm confident I'll get there. I go every day which really helps with my back pain. The staff is so positive & really care about my success - I look forward to going! The atmosphere is great. I highly recommend this program. SAVANNAH, GA

Josh R

I came across Fast Fit while looking for coolsculpting Services. Not the same thing, but better! I have struggled with weight management for most of my life (I'm 40) and this is by far the best plan for me. The staff is very accommodating for both appointments and walk-ins, and always there for support. From the introductory messaging through the start of treatments, I have rarely had a more positive experience anywhere. I received full disclosure on services and costs from the minute I walked in, and the service is working great. Down almost 15 lbs. in the first 6 weeks!

Elizabeth N

This really works! I'm over 50 and hypothyroid. I've tried every combination of diet and exercise and have never had more success than with Fast Fit. I've already lost over 20 pounds of pure fat and gained muscle. The staff is incredibly supportive and I can't wait to continue my weightloss journey with their help. This has been one of the best decisions I've made for my health and self confidence.

Joby N

Fast Fit Body Sculpting has been essential in my weight loss. I've reached a new weight loss goal as well as fit and feel better in my clothing. The staff are cheerleaders always routing for you. I would highly recommend Fast Fit for anyone!

Marilyn N

I joined fast-ft at Sahara 2 mos. ago after trying other means to lose fat in my tummy area. I only wound up gaining more weight. The staff at Sahara thoroughly explained what the sessions involved & how the equipment worked (no counting calories, carbs or fats) just keep a log of everything I consumed & drank. The staff at Sahara are very warm & friendly, always there with a smile to greet you, to aid & assist, give encouragement & kudos when results are achieved. Very considerate of your privacy as well. I highly recommend fast-fit at the Sahara location.

Jordan B

Fast Fit Body Sculpting was the best decision I've made and I've never seen such a friendly and caring staff anywhere else!! Absolutely love them!