Barbara B

Very beneficial program. On top of shedding fat I feel much better and it's helped me in many ways, e.g. arthritis, circulation, energy, and the spot treatment aids my walking ability. Overall it's an excellent program for anyone looking to lose weight!


Over the last 2 months I've lost 10lbs of pure fat & 8+inches overall!! I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I'm confident I'll get there. I go every day which really helps with my back pain. The staff is so positive & really care about my success - I look forward to going! The atmosphere is great. I highly recommend this program. SAVANNAH, GA

Josh R

I came across Fast Fit while looking for coolsculpting Services. Not the same thing, but better! I have struggled with weight management for most of my life (I'm 40) and this is by far the best plan for me. The staff is very accommodating for both appointments and walk-ins, and always there for support. From the introductory messaging through the start of treatments, I have rarely had a more positive experience anywhere. I received full disclosure on services and costs from the minute I walked in, and the service is working great. Down almost 15 lbs. in the first 6 weeks!

Elizabeth N

This really works! I'm over 50 and hypothyroid. I've tried every combination of diet and exercise and have never had more success than with Fast Fit. I've already lost over 20 pounds of pure fat and gained muscle. The staff is incredibly supportive and I can't wait to continue my weightloss journey with their help. This has been one of the best decisions I've made for my health and self confidence.

Joby N

Fast Fit Body Sculpting has been essential in my weight loss. I've reached a new weight loss goal as well as fit and feel better in my clothing. The staff are cheerleaders always routing for you. I would highly recommend Fast Fit for anyone!

Marilyn N

I joined fast-ft at Sahara 2 mos. ago after trying other means to lose fat in my tummy area. I only wound up gaining more weight. The staff at Sahara thoroughly explained what the sessions involved & how the equipment worked (no counting calories, carbs or fats) just keep a log of everything I consumed & drank. The staff at Sahara are very warm & friendly, always there with a smile to greet you, to aid & assist, give encouragement & kudos when results are achieved. Very considerate of your privacy as well. I highly recommend fast-fit at the Sahara location.

Jordan B

Fast Fit Body Sculpting was the best decision I've made and I've never seen such a friendly and caring staff anywhere else!! Absolutely love them!


Fast Fit REALLY works. When I turned 50 I was convinced my days of looking good were in the past. However, this program - NOT a DIET - has taught me that I'm never too old to look good. With just a little dedication, I have lost over 25 pounds (and I'm still losing), I feel so much better physically and mentally about myself. My husband and I signed up together so twice a week we do our sessions together and then walk together. It has been an amazing journey for us. I can't express how impressed I am with the staff members; they are always so helpful and encouraging. Fast Fit is the best thing that has happened to me! Thank you so much!

Leigh M.

This review is for the Chesapeake location. The staff is above AWESOME. They make you feel like family and work with you, no matter what your situation is. Unfortunately due to my irreversible nerve damage in my back, and the fact that I have to drive over an hour to get to the location, I was unable to complete the program. But before I made that decision, they work with me in every way possible! I give them an A+ rating and feel like they are An incredible business. I saw the results of their work in a woman that lost a tremendous amount of weight through their program, and decided that she wanted to work with them! You cannot ask for a more tremendous staff!


Fast Fit Body Sculpting has been amazing for me. It is head-to-toe fat loss in a 10-minute, relaxing spa-like session. The girls there are very informed and pleasant and always happy to see you. I have enjoyed my sessions every time and I feel great with the pounds I have lost. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to loose weight.

Linda S

I love fast fit since joinIing I have energy, I sleep better and most of all I am loss most if not all the unhealthy fat.

Joni J

I was a client of Fast Fit Body Sculpting in Chesapeake Virginia for 83 days and I am so impressed with the results I obtained. I want to shout it from my roof top. I have tried so many different diet programs and even had surgery to reduce my obese body. I am no longer considered obese thanks to the Fast Fit technology. I have lost 33 pound of pure body fat while increasing my muscle mass. My hydration levels have increased and I feel great. I am so impressed with the red light technology. This program was incredibly easy to do. The staff is extraordinary; with their support and positive attitudes helping me every step of the way. I recommend Fast Fit Body Sculpting to anyone that wants fat loss. I have changed my entire way of eating, my attitude toward a healthier lifestyle. Fast Fit even guaranteed I would lose 3 to 9 pound of pure body fat within 45 days and I surpassed that and then some. Do yourself a favor and go check out Fast Fit Body Sculpting. You will love yourself for doing so.

Shawn R.

I would recommend this for everyone over 35 or any age who wants to shed inches the healthy way. The staff are Awesome and they explain fully what your body can be.

Patricia B

The first time I saw Fast Fit just like all the other weight loss systems I have tried in the past I was skeptical. There have been so many systems, so many partial successes and so many large and small failures. So many reasons I lost weight and so many reasons I gained it back and so many on and on and on cycles it had become a yo-yo burden. It's great to see other people losing weight and getting healthy. It's not that I was not happy for them I just want mine. I just wanted to see the results FOR ME were possible. With so many health issues and crisis coming forth I told myself you have been thrown off track almost every day for 2 weeks. You have a valid excuse that was out of your control. Just prepare yourself for the setback and then move forward with the program. However, to my amazement once I was strong enough pursue getting back on my routine I found that by continuing to come in for just 1 of the 3 sessions I could do I continued to lose weight and inches. Fast Fit has proven to me to be a sound business with a good product and excellent individualized customer service. I look forward to going there and I love being there.

Gay O

I am very impressed with the services offered at Fast Fit Body Sculpting. The entire staff is professional, friendly, and truly concerned about the progress each person makes. I highly recommend this program. Gay O

Jim N.

Best weight loss best weight loss tool money can buy


I love it. great program, and friendly staff at the location in Savannah and Pooler, GA.

Elizabeth W

So glad I have this place a try! I've been going for a month now and am only half way done with my sessions and am session results. I feel so much better! The staff are hands down the best people to be around every time you visit. Definitely recommend this place!!


Very friendly and encouraging staff. Love that I am on a healthy meal plan and can eat as much as I want. Walking a couple nights a week is enjoyable

McKenzie C

The Hilltop Fast Fit staff is amazing, and their technology creates life changing results!! PURE FAT LOSS with skin tightening and toning results!

Marcus P

Fast Fit in Chesapeake has been great help! Following the program really makes a difference day to day in how you feel and helps to build good habits.

Susan D

Fast Fit in Pooler is wonderful! The staff is 100% supportive! I am very happy with my results so far!

Sandra M

Fast Fit in Pooler is awesome! The moment you sign up you are like family. They take your measurements, check your body fat, muscle mass etc. I have to say I could not believe how dehydrated I was. The staff keeps a close eye on you to make sure all is going as planned. They check my food journal to make sure I am eating healthy and make suggestions if needed. The staff is very supportive to my individual needs. I have come a long way in a very short time. I can't wait to see the final results!!! This has given me a second chance in life! Thank you fast fit!

Debbie B

I have been going to them for awhile now and am very pleased. All the girls there are very helpful and encouraging. I am enjoying my experience with them


Amazing results and supportive staff.

Veronica E

The program at Fast Fit is excellent. Your body fat, body fat mass, visceral fat, body water %, muscle mass, metabolic age and body weight and measurements are monitored closely. Suggestions and support are given throughout your treatment to help you continue to show improvement. I am halfway through the program that I purchased and have lost 16.7 inches and over 20 pounds. I am also watching my eating choices and doing moderate exercise along with the program. The staff are encouraging, friendly and supportive and I always feel comfortable throughout my session. I am excited to see my results at the end of this program.

Myra S

I'm so happy I decided to give Fast Fit a try. I am loving my results! I have regained my confidence and feel great! The staff is awesome! They are all supportive, encouraging, and very friendly. The facility is always clean and peaceful.

Bella F

After 6 sessions, I have lost over 5 lbs. of body fat! Woo-Hoo! And the inflammation in my body has been considerably reduced. That deserves another Woo-Hoo. Thanks Fast Fit!

Dana H

After only 5 sessions I've lost almost 4 lbs of pure fat!!! Dr G**** and the whole staff are exceptional. Fast Fit is changing my life and I love it. Thank you Fast Fit

Roxanne S

My experience with Fast Fit has been an extremely interesting and unique way to lose weight. With a little effort and self control, your body will melt away the "harmful fat" away as they explained it to me. The process was extremely easy. All I had to do was lay there, and the machine did the rest. The environment was calm, inviting, and super friendly. Every staff member made me feel important and wanted! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to lose fat quickly and painlessly!

Melanie A

I came to Fast Fit because after menopause, I had gained weight went from a size 8 to size 10. That was OK, but then I moved up to size 12, and I was looking at that in the rear view mirror, and I decided I wasn't going up another size. I started in January 2019, and finished my last session today. I lost 13.7 overall inches. My body fat dropped by 11%. However, the hidden gem is that I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I used to wake up with so many aches and pains, but now I wake up earlier, have more energy, and can't wait to enjoy the new day. I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND FAST FIT!!!!!

Deborah B

I love Fast Fit!!! Nice environment, the staff is caring and knowledgeable, and - best of all - the program actually works! I am only about halfway through my series of sessions, but I am already seeing results and am happy with my progress thus far. I have great confidence that with the help of my awesome Fast Fit team - and by sticking with the guidelines offered - I will be where I want to be as I finish up my Fast Fit journey.

Terry B

So far so good! 3.2" after 8 sessions, I am very pleased with the services at this Hilton Head location. The staff is friendly and encouraging. It has been a great experience....with more sessions to go !

Alen C

I love the customer service and great attitude and knowledge of the folks at Fast Fit

Beckie P

Everyone is great and encouraging, very respectful. The program is easy to follow. It did live up to its guarantee to lose 3-9 inches and I did get a lot of energy to be able to walk a mile and a half three times a week.

lynn b

fantastic staff is the best

Victor H

Experience is great. The weight loss has been more than I expected. Staff is great. Really *****.

Stephen G

Young lady was very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, and kind throughout the program.

Luke W

I always receive great and professional service

Tony M

The staff is wonderful and is extremely helping me reach my goal.

Heather B

I started this program shortly after the birth of my daughter. I was working out a few times a week, but needed something more. In only 25 days, I have lost more than 10lbs and 7 inches. I am pleased with my results so far, and am looking forward to continuing with the rest of my sessions. I am confident I will get to my goal weight before the end of my sessions.

Diane S

I started the Fast Fit program on February 15th, I am 68 years old. I go twice a week for 30 minutes and just finished my 5th session. I am so excited because I have already lost 4.5 inches, 4.4 lbs of fat and 1 lb of visceral fat and still have 16 sessions to go! This program is so simple and relaxing in the spa like atmosphere. I feel wonderful and a lot stronger. Everyone at Fast Fit is pleasant and makes you feel special.

Dan H

So glad to state that this is an outstanding company if you concerned about your health and your future. I have had great results in as little as a month. The cheerful and professional staff make it a delight to come each day to get even better results.

Georgi H

Hi. Started in December 2018 and have had astounding results. Such a friendly professional staff. If you're dedicated, you can get excellent results too.

Jessica M

Fast Fit is simply phenomenal. From start to finish, everyone I met and talked to was so knowledgeable and friendly. I am only 8 sessions and am blown away from my results They are literally a call away if you have any questions!!!! Simply AMAZING!

Stephen G

Never had an issue and the ladies are always delightful, pleasant, and welcoming.

Molly B

Great experience and great staff. Love coming here.

Glen k

After a zillion "diets" I am participating in a program that really works! Fast Fit has a program and they coach you to success. All good!

Kathy B

Fastfit is an appropriate description. Results are seen fast, you look fit, but more importantly, you feel fit.


Staff is friendly and helpful. After just 4 sessions I am starting to see results! I am very excited to see the end results!

Mark T

Am I happy with my my results from Fast Fit Body Sculpting? No! I'm ecstatic! Fast Fit delivered what they promised. I walked in wearing a 42" waist and now wear a 34" waist comfortabily. I enjoy the fact that Fast Fit puts half off the effort on me. It's up to me to excercise and eat right. This part of the program now has me eating the way I should have always been eating, and excercising on my own outside of the program. I highly recommend Fast Fit for anyone who wants to loose weight while learning how to keep it off afterwards. When you see the fat coming off, you're driven to keep working. This program is for everyone.

Lee J

The employees are positive and friendly. The machines are good even for injuries.

Jane A

Staff are very friendly and helpful. They put at ease as soon as you come in and always provide positive encouragement.

Linda B

I love my progress in just five short months! The staff at the Chesapeake location is the best! They're so caring and courteous. Love them all. I feel so much better since day one.

Keith B

WOW. I wanted to try Fast Fit because I was getting married in a couple months, and wanted to look my best for the wedding. I'm a mid/early 30's male, and I workout at least 3-4x per week and consider myself in pretty good shape. I wasn't sure how much Fast FIt could help me, but figured it was worth a shot since wedding photos last a lifetime... After about 6 weeks/12 sessions, my body fat is down 4 pounds (which is about 2%), I've lost 25% of my visceral fat which is the dangerous kind that causes heart attacks, and people keep telling me how ripped and great I look. My metabolic age is also down 5 years so I think I found the fountain of youth! Thanks FastFit

Ebba G

If you are considering losing weight, I highly recommend Fast Fit program. It has been just over 6 weeks since starting the Fast Fit program. So far I have lost over 4 inches and 3 and a half pounds of pure fat. My clothes are fitting real loose and I feel really great. Fast Fit technology really works. They also encourage you to walk and eat whole healthy food. In addition, their staff is friendly and make you feel very comfortable.

Ebba G

The environment and staff at Fast Fit are extremely caring and make losing weight easy. So far I have gone from a tight fit to a loose fitting pants. Lost 3 lbs and over 4+ inches overall. I highly recommend their program.

Donna B

I love the idea of this place. I love being able to sit into the Beamer M-S which helps in every part of your body. I love the staff and I love the technology of the LED lights

Can't say enough about the staff at the Flamingo location they are beyond kind and encouraging every time I step in that door. I absolutely love the convenience of being able to sit in the Beamer Monday through Saturday. The LED lights that you can do every other day has significantly helped my skin along with the reduction of cellulite. Truly doesn't get any easier than this and you can fit it into any day no matter how busy you are.!


Great Service!

Amy R

Fast Fit Body Sculpting really works !! I have lost 15 inches and 12 pounds. The treatments are easy and take less than one hour. Of course you have to change your diet a bit but, this is plain common sense. The staff is very friendly and supportive and help you all of the way. I am very happy with my results and will continue my program.

Lillian S.

Skeptical that a machine could really do what they say, but when I came to the BBB site and read the other reviews it helped me feel comfortable in going in for a free consultation. I must say, from the minute I walked in, I was at ease. Clean, professional and very spa-like. Not stuffy like a medical office and non-invasive treatmennts. What's even better is your results are guaranteed. This is not the easy way out. I still had to give a brisk walk after my red light sessions to burn the fat off as energy and watch a little of what I eat. But wow the results are impressive. My husband even noticed pretty quickly. I say I have found the Fountain of Youth. More pep in my step and at my age (68) I am one happy lady. Losing weight is never a fun idea, but this works. Less flab and more energy. Nothing has worked like Fast Fit. They have turned a skeptic into a lifetime fan. My husband is coming in soon.

Georgia M.

I am incredibly happy with my results. 22 pounds of pure fat, gained 4 pounds of muscle and my skin tone is improved. At my age of 49, that's a really good thing! Nothing else worked but Fast Fit. Owner Suzanne Hobbs explained to program to me and she really knows her stuff! She's also the one on the TV commercials. It was an honor to meet her after seeing her on the talk show and commercials. She looks the part, too! Represents the product well. I never met Doug but I know he was available if i ever needed help. But the staff was great. The free consultation was informative and I jumped right on the chance to use their technology. I mean, total body fat loss! Oh yeah! They are here to help clients have results, that's for sure. I got my picture on their success wall and I'm happy to tell anyone that this works. Great alternative to surgery. I've had to change my wardrobe (yay!)

George M

The staff is most knowledgeable, intelligent, friendly and service oriented I have ever experienced. For 4 years, I tried dieting, exercising and other fat/ weight reducing systems and nothing worked until I Found Fast Fit. Their digital and lighting technology eliminated the fat/weight in hard to reach specific areas in such a very short time. Now I feel so much better, and feel lighter and can now tie my shoes!!!! This gave me the incentive and motivation to change my life style forever by being aware of the foods and exercise(as advised the staff) necessary in maintaining a healthy life style, not only for me but also for my entire family. I am forever grateful to this company team that works out of the Henderson office. I now confer upon this team, company and technology a Five Star Review Rating and an Outstanding Rating in Body Sculpting. George M.


I have had 24 sessions ,lost not only in waist but everywhere went from a 44 "to a 38" my energy level is off the charts. I would recommend to everyone .


I have just started the sessions, so I don't see any results yet, but I am starting to feel better and have more energy. The staff is great. The one I see the most, Jessie, is extremely knowledgeable about all their products and nutrition in general. I truly expect a positive outcome.

Delores L.

I really am going to miss the staff at Fast Fit Body Sculpting a the Chesapeake, Virginia location. I was able to achieve my goals with help of all the staff. They were very supportive, encouraging, and very professional while maintaining a Spa like atmosphere that was very relaxing and peaceful. I would recommend this Fast Fit Body Sculpting without surgery to anyone that had the desire and motivation to improve their health and have less aches, better sleep, loss of inches and a renewed interest in life at any age. Thanks to all of you Ms. Dee.

Christa B.

Got off to a little bit of a slow start, but put forth a small bit of effort and results started showing

cherie p.

I love coming to fast fit, the staff is so nice and so helpful. it has helped me stop drinking diet coke completely. i am more motivated and have so much energy! my clothes are fitting so much better. love the technology, its definitely not a quick fix you must do your part. but you're excited to do your part because its so motivating and it makes you want to try harder when you see the amazing results. i would highly recommend fast fit technology to anyone!

Kristi C.

The staff is great and I love everyone there! The program is great and my back is feeling so much better. I want to look better, but more importantly I feel better! The Total Body MD is relaxing and when you are a mom you don't get much time to yourself. This is a great environment to get that time!

george b.

would definitely recommend fast fit to ANYONE! i was skeptical at first but i gave it a shot and i am so happy with my results. i have been trying to lose this belly fat for over 50 years and nothing ever helped until now. i have had to buy new clothes because my old ones are falling off! i bought some small clothes that i thought would fit and ended up having to buy even smaller ones. i know for a fact that if you eat great and eat clean the progress will be visible. i am truly amazed that fast fit actually works.

karen n.

I was skeptical at first using the fast fit technology, but seeing my results i know now that it works!! very pleased with the results! has taken down a few inches off my thighs. has definitely worked i can tell! would definitely recommend this program to anyone. its not a quick fix, you have to be willing to do your part. overall pleased with my results!

Lisa H.

I love this place! I have lost over 19 lbs of pure fat, 26+ inches and feel fantastic! The staff is so encouraging and knowledgeable. This was the best investment in me for me.

james h.

Outstanding technology, has improved my life considerably, my clothes fit better. i would definitely recommend this program to any one. if you are willing to follow the rules it is a very effective way to lose weight. if you can cut down on certain foods like alcohol and bad carbs, it will be very effective! truly outstanding staff! and Dr. ***** is very professional and kind man to work with

Linda S.

I was very skeptical at first, but decided to try Fast Fit because nothing else was working. I was very happy and surprised with my results. The staff was very friendly, helpful and supportive.

Pamela K.

Fast fit is awesome. I saw results quickly. It is so relaxing and everyone is very accommodating. This is the place to go to conquer and reduce that stubborn fat.

Kathy M.

My husband and I have been enjoying our visits to Fastfit with great results of inches, pure fat and weight loss. The staff are very knowledgeable and puts you 2018at a nice comfort level as you are enjoying the spa like treatment with the light system. We tip our hats to this wonderful system. But best of all it really works!

Sharon V.

Loving Fast Fit. The staff is wonderful and attentive. On my tenth session my results showed that I have lost 6.4 pounds of body fat and gained 1.8 pounds of muscle. I have also taken TEN years off my metabolic age which is one year less than my actual age. YEAH!!!!!! Looking forward to looking good and having more energy for summer. If you follow the instructions you can do it too. Can't wait for my next session.

James F.

After 7 weeks of 2 session treatments, I received the following results: Body Fat decreased from 38 lbs to 35.6 lbs, Body Shape Rating increased from 84% to 86%, waist measurement decreased from 36.7" to 35.8", waist to hip ratio reduced from .93 to .9, and the weights (lbs) in my training program increased on an average by 7.2%. Stats don't lie! I lost fat, increased strength, and my muscular endurance improved. The end of my workouts were no longer a struggle. The staff's diet recommendations improved my life style of eating! I now strongly believe I can reach my goal of 17% body fat or less by the end of this year. My weakened spine isn't holding me back and I'm not too old. I can now regain a high level of physical fitness at the age of 63 or higher!

Roy V.

To start with, I am the biggest skeptic there is and I said as much to the staff there. With that, I along with my wife decided to give them a go. The staff is super!! Olivia, Dawn and T are extremely positive people that make you feel good about yourself, and they know their stuff!! So, after 10 sessions so far I have lost a total of 12.2 pounds of fat including 2 points of visceral fat!! I was ecstatic!!!!Needless to say I am no longer a skeptic and look forward to going to my sessions. If you follow what they tell you to do, you will come out of it much happier!! I plan to look good for the Summer!!! Thanks Fast Fit!!!


Very beneficial program. On top of shedding fat I feel much better and it's helped m I joined FastFit in last November and I am coming up to my last 2 sessions; and I must say my results are amazing. I have lost almost 30 pounds and dropped 11 inches; I look liked I have totally amazing. The program is not hard if I can do it anybody can and the friendly staff keeps you encouraged and motivated; I recommend the program to anyone who just simply wants to get their body back!!!e in many ways, e.g. arthritis, circulation, energy, and the spot treatment aids my walking ability. Overall it's an excellent program for anyone looking to lose weight!

Randall B.

I call them the fountain of youth , after two weeks List 2.5 inches and 7 lbs viseral fat And built muscle . The technology is more than state of the art . I recommend them and the program .



Gary B.

I feel so much better now like looking in the mirror in my knees don't hurt

Mimi (Miriam) F.

Thank You fast fit Virginia Beach. I started in Dec.and my body looks totally different. They are amazing.The staff is wonderful with excellent Customer Service. If you follow their directions,eat healthy and add some exercise you will be successful..I finish next week. Iam looking @ a new body,feel good and extremely happy with my results.One of the Best Christmas presents I ever had. The staff there are a group of sweet young ladies.Who encourage you and make you feel comfortable. I will miss them.I really had a great experience here. I love this place.

Sharon O.

Fast Fit has been a great experience. I hadn't been able to lose weight at all until I joined Fast Fit. If you follow the rules you will lose inches. The only hard part was to not drink alcohol. If you can do that you'll have great results! I would highly recommend!

Joyce C.

I started going to Fast Fit Body Sculpting (Pooler, GA) on August 10, 2017. I have lost 41.4 pounds of pure body and a total on 46.2 overall inches. When I saw the advertisements, I really didn't believe it would work as well as it has. If you are willing and ready to change your health and size, this is the place to go.

Shatonn F.

I'm going to fast fit now. The program is wonderful. Staff is very nice and helpful. The health benefits are second to none.

Kellie W.

Fast Fit Body Sculpting! What can I say this place is amazing! Beautiful spa settings that makes you feel welcome and relaxed. The technology is superb with inches and fat loss achieved. No down time, non surgical with major results. I would highly recommend this place, you will not be disappointed.

suzanne f.

This place is awesome ! Its like a spa.. Very peaceful and very welcoming! The staff is very friendly and welcoming! I would highly recommend this place if you need an extra push to lose PURE body fat.. The results are amazing! You will not be disappointed

Ronda S.

By far one of the best investments in myself I have made so far! I am thrilled with the results that I am getting, I feel great both on the inside and out. I am not even half way through my sessions and I can't believe the changes in my body. I am so glad that I went to Fast Fit. The staff at the Sahara location is amazing! You have to want to make the changes in yourself and then stick to them. No strict diet, just a list of foods that will help you to accomplish your goals!

Tracy K.

Fast fit body sculpting is the best way to loss fat and unwanted inches. No surgery, no down time, and its relaxing and fun!

Molly E.

Fast Fit is the best thing I have ever found. Don't listen to the few who complain! They obviously don't want to change their life and thought this was a quick fix and could eat all they want or quit the program too soon. If you're ready to change your life then this is the motivation you need. The technology is amazing. It's made such a change in my body. My stomach has tightened and in all my years of sweating it out in the gym it' s never responded until I used the Fast Fit lights. Yes, watch what you eat during this. Of course! I lost 12.75 overall inches in 32 days. I also lost 14.5 pounds of pure fat. Fast Fit did that. If it was so easy to just diet and exercise we'd all be skinny! But the machine is what really helped kick off those stubborn pounds. Finally! My mom is so proud of me, too. You feel so good coming here in so many ways. I'm wearing clothes I couldn't wear for a few years so I say it was worth every penny! My cousin just signed up, too. I live in Las Vegas but I want everyone to know about my results. - *****

Kathe H.

This business is awesome! Their technology has helped me achieve the look that I wanted without surgery! The technicians are knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. It's such a simple program. You are provided the tools to learn how to eat real food that benefits your body and asked to exercise 30 minutes. It's not hard to do. Combine those things together and you will have success! I tell everyone about this place. If you are stuck and can't budge the inches, come here!!

Valerie T.

Fast Fit works! I was a client a few months ago and I lost 13.5 inches in weeks. I also lost 12 pounds of pure fat. Not muscle or water weight. Pure fat! I have kept off my inch loss, too. My clothes fit great now, too. I have learned how to eat healthy, thanks to them. I am more motivated now than with any other program. The staff is great, the place is beautiful and the technology is impressive! You can't complain it doesn't work if you don't follow the program they outline. This is not the easy way out, it's been my partner with choosing to be healthy, a new start. If you're in the state of mind, frustrated with your body like I was, then call Fast Fit. They will explain it all. I'm glad I found it when I moved here. I think my mom might even go there when she comes to stay with me.