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(EP9) Resolution Boot Camp

(EP9) Resolution Boot Camp Did you know that 92% of people who set resolutions ultimately abandon them? Now you don’t have to be one of them. Doug and Suzanne and here to give you foolproof tips to sticking to your resolutions, and popular myths of the diet

(EP8) Battling Memory Loss with Dr. David Groom

(EP8) Battling Memory Loss with Dr. David Groom Did you know that many us will spend approximately $100,000 in the last year of our lives on healthcare alone? Doug and Suzanne are joined by senior care expert Dr. David Groom, who reoriented his career trajectory when he

(EP7) Getting Unstuck with Patricia M.

(EP7) Getting Unstuck with Patricia M. Feel like you’ve tried every diet and exercise routine, but are still just stuck at your current weight? Patricia was there with you. This army veteran and cancer survivor came to Fast Fit desperate for something to help her after she

(EP6) How Salads are Secretly Unhealthy

(EP6) How Salads are Secretly Unhealthy Salads are healthy and fried chicken is not, right? Suzanne and Doug are here to explain how it’s not so simple. In this information packed episode, they discuss food sensitivities, healing the body from the inside out, and food diversity (which

(EP5) When Discipline Fails with Kevin C

Kevin Guest Episode If discipline were enough, Kevin would have had the body he wanted. But this disciplined marine had hit a brick wall with his physique, and he didn’t know what he was doing wrong — until he met Doug and Suzanne. This episode’s segments: Get

(EP4) Achieving “Young-gevity” with Dr. Chris Lucchese

Does well-being sometimes feel like an uphill climb as you get older? Feeling worse doesn’t have to be the new normal. This week, Suzanne and Doug are joined by Dr. Christoper F. Lucchese –Medical Consultant, Wound Care Surgeon, Non-Surgical Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, and Holistic Physician — to

(EP3) The Truth Hurts, Brad Lea

How truly healthy are these fad diets you keep hearing about? Doug and Suzanne sit down with Brad Lea and reveal truth from myth about popular diets, exercise routines, and the real way that you can gain muscle and lose fat — in the simplest way possible! Plus:

(EP2) Sit-ups, Poop, and the Protein Myth

Should you be drinking protein shakes immediately after your workout? Do sit-ups actually help you burn fat? And how many times a day should you have a bowel movement? Doug and Suzanne answer these questions and more. This Episode’s Segments: Here’s the Scoop: Your protein powder may

(EP1) When Doug Faced Death: Heart Health 101

Have you tried everything to lose stubborn fat, but still have that spare tire? It’s not your fault. Diet culture has misinformed us about what actually sheds fat. In this premiere episode of the Fast Fit Podcast, Doug shares the life-altering event that inspired him to find

Fast Fit Podcast: Get Your Body Back (Season Trailer)

You’re tired of skipping meals, working out, and spending too much on programs that never work. It’s not your fault! Those tactics alone are not enough for most people to combat the true culprit: visceral fat. But with the help of modern science and technology, you can