(EP14) The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss with Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan, CEO of the technology firm ReachOut IT, decided in 2013 that he wanted to make a change with his physical appearance. He went cold turkey – drastically limiting his calories, hitting the gym – and landed himself in the ER. It was only after he had an emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder that he realized his weight loss journey had caused more health problems than it had solved.

Listen in for:

  • The healthy way to lose fat, and signs you may be doing more harm than good to your body
  • At what age we usually lose the ability to shed fat on our own, and what resources we can use to lose the extra fat
  • The missing element of many people’s weight loss journeys: knowledge. Just as important as dedication, you have to know what you’re doing to your body and have a plan in place

This week’s segment:

Little Known Fats: Your body is smarter than you might give it credit for! Even after taking a break from exercise, Rick’s body jumped right back into the muscle memory it had developed, and it was smooth sailing from then on out.

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